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Another Mom Moment

In 27 days my son is getting his own apartment. It’s really rather like business as usual while our Kate is away at camp, both he and I are working alot. He landed a great college kid no- brainer job.  Good … Continue reading

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Strawberries and Summer Symmetry

short post I bought the most amazing strawberries. Ever have them with spinach and pecans ?  Talk about summer symmetry. ( is that spelled right?) I first had that combination at a natural ovens bread convention in Milwaukee – would you believe I … Continue reading

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Healthy Care Packages for Your College Student.

One thing I hate about shopping is the predictable marketing churn. I completely get that stores are all about “what’s next” in the retail arena, but it makes me crazy thinking about back to school and fall clothing in July!! Couldn’t … Continue reading

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Summer – I Missed it Today

I pride myself in being mindful of the perfect day, the perfect work day ( according to me anyway) I strive at getting to all that needs to be taken care of re: running a home single handedly – figuratively and … Continue reading

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Sizzle Twizzle Bo Dizzle

Have you ever heard of sizzle cards? I first heard of it from a guy who sold for a mulit-level-marketing company that is now no longer in business. It struck me as sortof sleazy. He basically would hand every one … Continue reading

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More Cooking 101: Mommy Style

When one has been scrambling eggs for 29 years, it’s a bit weird describing the methodology to your kid. Interestingly I didn’t master the scrambled egg for some time. When I was kid I ate them with ketchup because my mom … Continue reading

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Cooking 101: Mommy Style

I was gone for 5 days recently and came back to a perfect kitchen. It’s not because my son is conscientious. He said, ” Mom, I can’t even boil water!” At age 20 and with a pending move to his own apartment, … Continue reading

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Feel Good Health Now

One really cool thing that bloggers do for each other is to support each other’s writing (blogfully speaking) and each other’s message.   We also try to foster good will and sharing among each other. It’s like the blogosphere is one big happy family. … Continue reading

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The Ants Go Marching By – Natural Pest Control

oooooh the ants go marching two by two by hurrah – hurrah ….this post is an excerpt from a blog pilot I did in the Spring. I was trying to see if I could do this blogging thing daily…turns out … Continue reading

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Acid Reflux or Gerd Linked to Esophageal Cancer

Keeping with the theme of urpy burpy, too much BBQ or too much travel blues this month, I wanted to speak this week to the common digestive disorder known as GERD or Acid Reflux, a special thanks to realtor and … Continue reading

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