All things Eggy – Grandmother's Egg Bowl

We had to call our grandma ” grandmother “. The Hanrahan side of the family was a little snoody. They lived oh so proper, a lot of formality in every little thing. I loved my grandmother because she was such a character, she found humor in so many things and when she smiled it warmed your heart. She didn’t do that very often. She was not the kindof person you could hug the living daylights out of, she just never really hugged back.

My grandmother made the sloppiest most amazing peanut butter sandwiches ever and cut the pithy part out of grapefruit halves so that all that was left were the juicy citrus segments. I still don’t know how she did that!

She also collected anything written about the Queen of England and pasted the articles or pictures onto the basement wall – you should have seen it when she died at 93. The walls were covered. Her fascination became mine – if she liked the queen then I did too.  I admit to being rather curious about the existance of the royal family. I adored the DVD “The Queen” if anything, to see Helen Mirren, and then to get an inside glimpse of the world of royalty.

To this day I make my grandmother’s shortcake recipe (she said “we pennsylvania dutch are the only ones who make it correctly” See what I mean ? Oh so very proper!) It’s real shortbread style shortcake. None of that sponge cake stuff. My Kate made it last season and it seemed to have that grandmother touch – mine is always sortof off.

Whenever my grandmother made eggs she used this really special white bowl with roses painted on the side. I thought it was really cool that she had a bowl just for mixing eggs and that it wasn’t just an ordinary bowl. I was fortunate to get a few of her possessions when she passed on, and one very special piece was that bowl. It’s what I now use to mix eggs

Kate pulled the bowl out this morning – she’s a total master at scrambled eggs. Maybe it’s the bowl! I left home at 17. I really killed scrambled eggs, I never knew that I was totally overcooking them or the stages that they went through. I like them fluffy and just cooked. They need to still be shiny. I also like them really hot (NOTHING is worse than cold eggs) Don’t ever take me out to breakfast because if the eggs are cold I send them back. I once sent the eggs back 3 times.

brown eggy flickr image credit

This morning we also toasted whole grains bread ( kate adds the s, cuz she says this bread I get is extra grainy) topped with marscapone cheese and fruit spread – raspberry or apricot. I had never eaten marscapone cheese before and I really need to never buy it again – it’s rich and totally delicious. Made with heavy cream…dangerous stuff!! It’s totally amazing on toast.

While having breakfast Kate told me that her friends think our home is eccentric. I have a retro bowl in the fridge just for eggs, one for vegetables and a basket for potatoes. I keep nuts in jars all lined up in a row. I have licorice tea. I guess those things are not like their homes. She also said they know that my home really reflects us.  Pretty cool

Oh and they counted 87 Cats. ( No I do not have 87 cats) I did however decor for Halloween and some of that is cat-ish, and I do have quite a bit of local art that is cats.

I digress this post was supposed to be about grandmother’s egg bowl!

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