Product of the Week: Sugar Intake Reduces Immune Function

‘Tis the holiday of witches and goblins. Sugar consumption is at its all time high.

Please consider that this indulgence weakens the function of your immune system. Certain foods and environmental influences can keep the immune system army from doing a good job.

Sugar is one threat to your body’s natural defenses.

Dr Sears, America’s pediatrician writes: “HABITS THAT WEAKEN THE IMMUNE SYSTEM” One habit he commented on was the overdosing of sugar.

Eating or drinking 100 grams (8 tbsp.) of sugar, the equivalent of one 12-ounce can of soda, can reduce the ability of white blood cells to kill germs by forty percent. ( 40%!!!!) The immune-suppressing effect of sugar starts less than thirty minutes after ingestion and may last for five hours. In contrast, the ingestion of complex carbohydrates, or starches, has no effect on the immune system.”

Here are several book sources that offer additional advice that many don’t really want to hear.

The classic Sugar Blues by William Dufty, which is about the health crusade of actress Gloria Swanson who defined multiple physical and mental miseries caused by human consumption of refined sucrose – commonly called sugar.

No Flour No Sugar actually suggests giving up the sandwich, and the sugar bowl and going for sugar free ice cream (What ? Sugar Free Ice Cream? I’ll pass on that book! Sugar alternatives are even worse! )

I am very curious about the book Sugar Shock by Connie Bennett. Her book shares a story of 44 symptoms related to sugar overload and she trots a who’s who of prominent nutritionists that argue that sugar is the road to physical ruin.

I’d rather eat an apple.

I am not going to say that I don’t eat sugar, white refined even – because that isn’t truthful, yet it’s much more occasional compared to the typical American.

My role and advocacy is to help those who’s immune function are hindered by poor diet. This path of addiction and often not knowing is an arena that I have great experience with. When it shows up in child’s behavior, troubled learning or reduced immunity then it’s time to look at why.

In the past some of my very very best clients have been children who understand that they are not well. They really get the immunity army is reduced by sugar conversation. One time a young boy that I had had a chat with was over playing with my son. He had a treat in the car on the way and confessed it to me. He then said, ” I blew it and killed 1/2 my army on the way over – I’m doomed ” From the mouths of babes

Let me be of help to you, your child or perhaps someone you know.

Have a BOOtastic (really spooky languaging for fantastic) Halloween!!

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