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Celebrating Business Success

It’s month end, the end of a very lovely month – the second in a row,  and something I really feel like celebrating!! Today and tommorrow are stacked and then I am away this weekend. I feel all over the … Continue reading

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Black Bean Soup

I adore this recipe, it reminds me of a romantic tapas place I use to eat at with my ex. We would share everything, eat a zillion courses and take our sweet time. I love eating that way. It was pricey and always made … Continue reading

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Product of the Week: Acidophilus-Bifidus for Detoxification

Acidophilus-Bifudus is the last highlighted product in our detox program. Friendly bacteria; also known as acidophilus/bifidus is a remarkable health supporting nutrient. I have enjoyed working with all of you who have chosen to take on a detox program this month. All health … Continue reading

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Product of the Week: Alfalfa for Detoxification

  For those of you who rec’d the newest winter sales catalog there are a few specials you might want to take advantage of, to find out more please click hereKeeping in this month’s theme of detoxification, below are details … Continue reading

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Tea Cup Oil Painting by Thea Burger

In my first marriage there was a lot of “that’s not allowed”. I had ideas, hopes and dreams squished in that not allowed-ness those eighteen years. One of those ideas was to own a dog. Nope – not allowed.  I finally brought … Continue reading

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Teenagers Make Mistakes. Let Them!

Friends of mine had teenagers before I did, their adopted daughter went goth, dark and got rather frightening, a brilliant girl she kept her grades up but looked deplorable and was on a quest for all that matched that. Music, literature, … Continue reading

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Leftover Country Casserole Deluxe

Short Post. Take a hectic week, mix in dress and tech for the play (sortof the blur before), opening night last night, add leftover retro casserole with an egg noodle adventure attached and see how we can somehow muster dinner. Simmer leftover pasta … Continue reading

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Letter to the Editor: Please Shovel

One of the very first blogs I ever visited was that of Franke James, you’ve heard me tout her greenness and the wonderfully unique way she illustrates her views. Recently she posted and illustrated something brilliantly. How what she said spoke to me!! I had … Continue reading

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Country Broccoli and Ham Casserole

I must be in a retro mood. Meatloaf over the weekend, this casserole tonight. Isn’t meat loaf and casseroles typical 50’s fare? I should know those kinds of cooking trivia, but I don’t really gather information like that To me casseroles are something … Continue reading

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BNI Share: Jodi Hoekstra: Pure Organization

BNI Share. One of my projects this year is to share up front and personal some of the business colleagues I meet with weekly/monthly in my networking groups. I have been involved in Business Networking International for several years. I feel … Continue reading

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