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Taking the Weekend Off

I am staying as far away from my computer as possible this long holiday weekend.  Here are some recent shots of our Marble taken by my daughter  Which is your favorite?  in the grass fur brown eyed beauty profile using the portrait setting

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Buy Local The New Organic

I am retreading an older post because this topic is on my mind. A year ago I was very happy to see that my grocery store was educating the buy local concept.  Seemingly this theme has fizzled. Sure there are very … Continue reading

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FedEx Delivers – Has This Ever Happened To You?

I work from home. Today is a writing day, I am happily typing away and I get this email: FedEx Shipment XXXXXXXX27 Delivered This email was sent from an unattended mailbox. Our records indicate that the following shipment has been … Continue reading

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Writing Projects

This a guest post for Joanna over at Confident Writing. How positively honored I am to be here.   When my attempts to write were squelched in high school, I let twenty plus years go by before I utilized writing as a … Continue reading

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What is ORAC?

As you know our company launched a brand new exclusive, patent-pending fight cellular aging product. As I peel the layers of information they have shared. I continue to be fascinated. Several years ago a flurry of super fruit drink products … Continue reading

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Garlic for Allergies and More!

Garlic as a medicinal herb has a remarkable history, withstanding the test of time. Reliably, Garlic is part of a valid heart health supplement program and benefits those who have immune function challenges. If you are at risk for heart disease, use antibiotics … Continue reading

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The Katydid

One evening last week a huge katydid appeared in my office. Those not familiar with the bug, just know that they are rather beautiful, a brilliant green, very long grasshopper style legs with extremely long antenna.  The sounds of summer, the one … Continue reading

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Natural Ovens Concerned about Altered Sugars

I wrote a post a while back titled Natural Ovens Bread Owner Paul Stitt Sells Out.  I had experienced a shift in the bread, how it toasted, it’s texture had gotten squishy. Only to find that the bread company had … Continue reading

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My tomato garden has been quite gracious, providing me with just a few tomatoes here and just a few there, vs all the plants producing all at once. The most recent batch to ripen were these gorgeous plum, which I love to … Continue reading

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Greening Your Garage

I had the opportunity to freelance for a sassy organizer who wanted to tuck in a bit of green into her newsletter this past June, what a fun writing project that was! Yesterday I was thumbing through a catalog from a company that has always … Continue reading

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