Small Batch Pesto

I have a mini food processor that I used years ago for making homemade babyfood – whatever steamed veggie I made for dinner I made extra, turned it into veggie mush, spooned it into ice cube trays and froze. I very rarely bought any baby food. 

The gadget now-a-days comes out for holiday baking for chopping nuts and whenever I make small batch pesto.

I planted my basil this year in a small pot and then placed the pot in the dirt, most of the time my basil plants get leggy and out of control but this year it was wonderfully manageable. Is it because I planted it in the pot?

My thought was that I could pluck the pot from the dirt and try and winter it and keep that basil coming all year round. I’ll let you know if that works!! My indoor green thumb is not so green. I keep trying though!

In the mini food processor chop 1 T of walnuts ( or pine nuts if you prefer ) with 1 large clove of garlic , add 1  1/2 T of olive oil, 2 cups of fresh basil leaves and pulse, add 1/4 freshly grated parmesan a pinch of sea salt and pulse some more.  Should look like a paste. I like adding parsley when I have it too.

I grilled chicken breasts with this spread all over it and it was really yummy. I then put the rest into an ice cube tray for cubes of basil goodness later – this small batch made one fresh meal and about 5 cubes that store well in a glass jar in my freezer.

the beauty of garden basil flickr credit

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4 Responses to Small Batch Pesto

  1. nadine sellers says:

    my green goodness!salivating on the b key, b for basil, b for beautiful and by the way do put your plants in the sunniest window or under a full spectrum lightbulb ( grow light) and away from cold currents as much as possible, water once a week only. and pinch anytime it becomes leggy to encourage lateral growth.this pesto would taste good on garlic bread or inside a flat bread focaccia or a calzone or an english muffin ham sandwich for the less adventurous.tasty as always, glad i don’t live closer to you, i’d never leave..

  2. Yum! Parallel lives…I was in my garden plot picking a huge batch of basil just this afternoon. But I am concerned with the BPA that apparently is in Cuisinarts. Have you heard abt that? It’s making me so sad since I love to cook. Both my food processor and blender have plastic containers…guess it’s time to switch to glass. Toxins bind to fat and there’s plenty of it in my (organic) olive oil I use to make my pesto. Bummer, huh?

  3. Karen Hanrahan says:

    My blender is glass. It’s the retro Osterizer. I don’t have a cuisinart, my mini however is that brittle plastic – and no, I didn’t know that about the BPA.  I was glass centric before my time with many things, missed that. When it goes and it should since it’s 22 years old – i will look for a glass one or if you find something let me know. Kindof cool to think of many folks tending gardens, mine is ever so small in comparison but makes me happy none the less. 

  4. Karen Hanrahan says:

    My brightest window is too drafty – found that out last year,  a new aloe has arrived courtesy of a moving friend and I am hoping it survives – nadine my indoor greenness hasn’t been good for sometime – i brought in an ivy and so far so good except the dog likes to nose her way with it.  I have a geranium that I might try and winter but it would get stairwell light only – too heavy to bring up – mmmm all of these great pesto suggestions – I like raisen bread and ham – do you ?? Or I make an awesome panini …pesto on that would be good too — I think we both could feed each other silly

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