ME Mentoring YOU To Health Success

In my world and the way I earn my living, mentoring others to health success via selling nutritional supplementation and green clean has a certain flow to it.

From your perspective it’s a flow of trust, credibility and quality. Can I deliver the products that will make a difference for you and your health? Additionally what else can I bring to the table? Am I trustworthy, reliable and resourceful?  I hope you find that I am.

From my perspective if I don’t sell I don’t eat. And each and every month I start all over. It’s called quota sales. Some find this rather challenging. I find it rather exhilirating

I’ve just said goodbye to another successful ” month end ” I will have met my minimum quota, an over the top quota and some months I have a “you rock” quota. Thus the ebb and flow of commission sales

It’s also at this time that I acknowledge my success of the past month, take a wonderful deep breath and often a rejuvinating day off and then refocus on what’s next? who’s next and how can I help?

This is the nature of my work.

What I love the most about it and the work that I do,  is that the day in and day out is never ever the same. Each month brings a new theme, a new nutritional focus and products that support that. Better yet each month brings new and truly wonderful people to my attention and focus.

Below are a few testimonies of folks I have helped along the way and mentored to health success – for privacy sake I have left them anonymous:

Karen is one of the nicest and most unassuming people I know, she is always available to help or answer any crazy question I can come up with and never makes me feel ridiculous for asking. She takes her commitment to the health and well being of her clients very seriously and never makes you feel like she is just trying to sell you something. She truly believes in what she does and the people she does it for. I don’t think I would have learned as much as I have about my own health and “internal workings” from anyone else but Karen.

Karen has been advising me on nutrition supplements for more than 10 years. It all started with looking for a natural way to gain stress relief and balance monthly hormone swings. Ah, the magic of B-Complex! In addition to counting on Karen as a friend and confidante, she has been a wealth of knowledge on addressing life issues through good nutrition to help me (and my husband) age gracefully and naturally. She is one of the most ethical people I know recommending products manufactured by one of the most ethical companies in the world. I trust her guidance and recommend her services highly.
I have worked with Karen Hanrahan for 10 years on some of the toughest health issues in my life including high blood pressure, indigestion, menopause, gall bladder problems, and recently diabetes. Although I am not diabetic, thanks to Karen and her products , 3 of my siblings are and we have a strong genetic association with the disease. My poor father died at the very young age of 71 from complications of this terrible illness and it saddened me very much to loose him this way. It seemed like such a waste to me. He understood very little about his disease and what he could do to stop its progression. I am now faced with a younger sister who is just as threatened with the complications of diabetes. At age 50 she had a triple bypass, and I will probably also loose to diabetes because she also does not believe there is anything she can do to affect the course of her illness. If I were to sum up what the value of my association with Karen means to me, besides the knowledge I have gained, besides the quality of the care she offers, it would be the fact that she has allowed me to see that I can overcome these illnesses. That I don’t have to stay sick. This is certainly a great and wonderful GIFT! Thank You Karen for your care and support

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K a r e n     H a n r a h a n
Wellness Educator/Nutritional Consultant
Mentoring YOU to Health Success

Weight Loss

Member of BNI – West Suburban BNI: “Chapter Mentor”
Member of West Suburban Women Entrepreneurs
WSWE Board Member and Programming Chair

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