Blog Action Day :: Poverty And The What If Foundation

Today is Blog Action Day. The Topic is Poverty

Ever meet someone so brave, so giving, so remarkably hopeful and influential that you pinch yourself while in there presence?
That’s my Margaret.

My friend, Margaret Trost is the founder of the What If Foundation .

She recently authored a book: On That Day Everybody Ate – one woman’s story of hope and possibility in Haiti

Ask the question what if and see what possibility becomes…

Imagine at the age of 34 losing your husband in less than 5 minutes to an asthma attack.  Imagine all of a sudden having a 5 year old son to raise on your own. Imagine rethinking everything you have ever dreamed of. Imagine losing yourself to grief. Imagine being on a plane to Haiti for a mission trip and wondering why am I on this plane ? What did I sign on for? Why am I doing this?

Imagine seeing the most horrific living conditions in the world and people starving.  Not just a few people starving.

An entire nation starving.

Imagine listening to the courageous fearless wisdom of Haitian woman literally waiting to die as they sing out loud with hope and joy.

Imagine meeting a priest who planted a seed that said I imagine a food program here.

Imagine my Margaret wondering gee …what if I could help him do that ??

The What If Foundation started as a food program that fed 500 children a meal once a week, sometimes the only meal these children would eat.

Now it feeds 1500 children 5 days a week. Or over 6000 meals a week

All monies given to the What If Foundation goes to nutritious meals, locally sourced, prepared by hand with love
“Piti Piti Na Rive — little by little we will arrive”

the woman who prepare the food daily…

.70 provides a meal.  Please donate.

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2 Responses to Blog Action Day :: Poverty And The What If Foundation

  1. nadine sellers says:

    sweet and quick; a meal of hope for a starving soul.yes i can imagine, i was widowed young with 3 boys to raise, but for us, it was a way –out–of extreme poverty. and a confirmation of the power of bonding through it all.unfortunately my sharing efforts were humble and spread through the years and few people i came in contact with.i truly admire the works of such Margarets as they inspire our lives. a beautiful post!

  2. Karen Hanrahan says:

    Margaret is a wonderful inspiration. I agree Nadine! I marvel at how simple it is to feed, that the cost .70 is so low for a really valid healthy meal.  They prepare it with such care and with gratitude.  The meal takes all day to create. Here we pay 3 times that for a cup of coffee and often shove something in our mouths to fill our belly.   I am so sorry you lost your husband, yet I am glad you found your way with your boys and that there were people who care about you around you.  We share as we can — me too — all be it humbly.  At least we share and at least we can be gifts to each other. Your support here means the world to me

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