Years ago, yeast infections, a highly reduced immune function and a very hyper sensitivity to fragrances had me feeling ill all the time.

I was first introduced to the concept of Candida, it’s pervasiveness and how most medical professionals do not address this health concern at a local lecture given by pediatrician Linda P. Rodriguez, M.D.

The symptoms she described fit me perfectly. I had Candida.  My recovery took 4 months. I made changes, I stuck with the rigor of the diet restrictions and I used my supplements as suggested.

I got well.

One of the foods I was told not to consume during this diet restriction was sugar.   Sugar feeds the Candida.

One of the key components in recovery from Candida is taking probiotics.

In those days finding a high quality probiotics (acidopholus/bifidus aka friendly bacteria) was a challenge.

Products were expensive, required refrigeration, were often outdated and mishandled. No one could guarantee live beneficial bacteria past manufacturing, as a matter fact only one company today can make that claim.

Many confuse supplemental probiotics with the beneficial enzymes found in yogurt. Yogurt companies forgot to tell you that these friendly bacteria were destroyed by the acids of the stomach. Not much good if yogurt was your only source of restorative friendly bacteria!  

Once a high quality probiotic is encapsulated it has to withstand any heat, light, air and the acid of the stomach in order to be beneficial. Additionally it also has to go to exactly the right place in the colon. Once there it has to deliver the good stuff,the much needed friendly bacteria, that can then multiply and conquer the bad guys.

Introducing the most profound pearl of probiotics on the planet.
This pearl uses a patented triple encapsulated technology.
Three layers of which protect and deliver acidopholus/bifidus to the colon.


Not only does Candida benefit from this product/pearl but so do many digestive health disorders. 

I believe all health starts with the colon, if it’s toxic, congested or loaded with Candida overgrowth, this effects the rest of our health.

*If you have a history of the symptoms below you may have Candida:

Antibiotic usage , especially broad spectrum drugs

Birth control pills or steroids

Mood swings or irritability

Cravings for sweets, breads and alcohol

Problems in moldy areas or on muggy days

Sensitivity to perfumes, chemical odors, etc.

Being really bothered by tobacco smoke

Athletes foot, fungus infections of nails and skin

Repeated pregnancies

Are an infant with:

Diaper rash that is worse in the skin folds

Thrush or white patches on the inner cheeks of the mouth

A white coated tongue

Excessive genital touching

Frequent ear infections

Have children with:

Thickly – coated or patchy, white tongue

Red ring around anus or rectal area

Itchy genital area leading to frequent touching

A chronic hair or foot odor

Bloated abdomen and bowel complaints

Frequent infections particularly of the ears and tonsils

Muscle aches and weaknesses

Or are an adolescents or an adult with:

Frequent fatigue, lethargy and drowsiness

Frequent infections

Frequent feelings of “spaciness”

Poor memory

Inability to make decisions

Bloating, belching, or intestinal gas

Muscle aches and weakness

Recurrent skin problems

Pain and or swelling in joints


Abdominal pain

Loss of interest in sex

Endometriosis or infertility

Prostatis or impotance

Anxiety attacks or frequent crying


Mucus in stools

Rectal itching

Constipation and /or diarrhea

Excessive vaginal discharge or itching

Pelvic pain

Burning or white coated tongue

Rash or blisters in mouth

Dizziness/loss of balance /incoordination

Pain or tightness in your chest

Spots in front of your eyes

Blurred vision

What is Candida? How do I treat it ? 

*Yeasts occur naturally on or in the skin, ears and nails and they flourish in moist, mucous membrane areas such as mouth, intestines, genitals or rectum.

We all have microorganisms or “friendly bacteria” called lactobacilli in our intestines that live along with the yeast.

They coexist in harmony unless the natural balance is upset by eating too much of certain foods, or by taking drugs such as antibiotics, hormones, and steroids.

These drugs destroy the friendly bacteria allowing the yeast ( candida albicans ) to multiply.

Toxins excreted by an overgrowth of yeast travel through the blood stream to many sites in the body.

These toxins cause a variety of respiratory, digestive and emotional symptoms and weaken the immune system.

Many people with Candida also develop adverse reactions to a wide variety of foods, chemicals and scents.

Simple Steps to Correct Yeast Overgrowth:

Decrease the amount of yeast in the body by using antifungal preparations.

Stop feeding the existing yeast by limiting the foods and drugs that cause the yeast to multiply.

Rebuild the immune system through a comprehensive nutritional supplement program.

Create a non – toxic environment in your home to decrease Candida related symptoms.

*Resourced from the Candida Brochure 1997 Gemma Gorham, M.P.H

Specific yeast reduction preparations, diet restrictions, supplement recommendations and tips on creating a non- – toxic environment are available by appointment. 

Please call 708.482.0678 to schedule a nutrition consultation.

floral clematis candida flickr image credit

Karen Hanrahan ~ Wellness Educator/Nutritional Consultant/Blog Publisher
708.482.0678 ~ Websites:
Nutrition, Weight Loss, and Green Clean  

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