Candida and Sugar

Keeping with the theme this month; SUGAR and its effect on health, I thought Id share a little bit about a condition called Candida

What is Candida ? Candida is a condition that can cause someone to not feel very well, it has been related to allergic like symptoms, asthma, joint health concerns and much much more.

All of us, have some level of Candida overgrowth in our system, it’s when the Candida becomes systemic that problems occur. I was diagnosed with Candida many years ago. I developed severe environmental allergies. Turns out the candida overgrowth had weakened my immune function. At that time I had a horrible diet and ate lots of processed foods including sugar.
Below is a brief description of Candida and how it is treated. It took me 4 months to rid my body of the overgrowth. I no longer have environmental allergies.

Candida The Missing Diagnosis:

Yeasts occur naturally on or in the skin, ears and nails and they flourish in moist, mucous membrane areas such as mouth, intestines, genitals or rectum.
We all have microorganisms or friendly bacteria called lactobacilli in our intestines that live along with the yeast.
They coexist in harmony unless the natural balance is upset by eating too much of certain foods
(sugar,wheat,dairy) or by taking drugs such as antibiotics, hormones, and steroids.
These drugs destroy the friendly bacteria allowing the yeast ( candida albicans ) to multiply.
Toxins excreted by an overgrowth of yeast travel through the blood stream to many sites in the body.
These toxins cause a variety of respiratory, digestive and emotional symptoms and weaken the immune system.
Many people with Candida also develop adverse reactions to a wide variety of foods, chemicals and scents.

(this was me!)
Steps to Correct Yeast Overgrowth:
1. Decrease the amount of yeast in the body by using antifungal preparations.
2. Stop feeding the existing yeast by limiting the foods and drugs that cause the yeast to multiply.
3. Rebuild the immune system through a nutritional supplement program.
4. Create a non toxic environment in your home to decrease Candida related symptoms.
Specific yeast reduction preparations, diet restrictions, supplement recommendations , particularly how to restore your intestinal flora, and tips on creating a non- toxic environment are all available by phone appointment.
Resourced with great appreciation from the Candida Brochure by 1997 Gemma Gorham, M.P.H

the good guys flickr image friendly bacteria credit

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