Mindful Meditation

I have a bit of history with woo-woo, zen like experiencies ranging from out of body, visiting entities, synchronicities, roaring visible energy and more.  For those not practiced in pause, the energy around you or energetic healing all of that may just sound plain weird. 

I understand.

Many of you know I’ve been in recovery. Partly from an ankle injury, to the car accident just weeks after. The car accident caused me to sprain my back and neck and have me loose the use of my right hand.  It wasn’t pretty

In addition, my emotional spirit was completely shaken with a divorce.  He left about the time of the accidents. Lovely, eh? A year ago I hit a bottom place,  an I lost me place that sometimes I still find myself wallowing in

Come this December I will celebrate the two year anniversary of these life altering events.  

I am working very hard to find my way to the other side of these challenges. 

In recent months I proudly added Jazzercize back to my activity regime. I Jazzercized for over 10 years before all this car accident busines. I rejoined because I finally felt that I could. I am totally loving it. I am doing the lite version with the local seniors. Yup my new crowd to hang out with are all in their 70’s. I think they are just wonderful!

I also recently took on a course in Mindful Meditation with Dr. Chris Johnson PsyD., my dear friend and woo-woo mentor. 

I shook things up a bit by taking a class on a Monday night. Those who know me, know I am deeply committed to routine and on Mondays I typically don’t like to venture out in the world. 

While all of it has been very positive I got myself out of the routine I had gotten comfortable in and got uncomfortable.
I addtitionally added homework to my already full schedule. Brilliant, eh??

The homework included practicing pause in a variety of meditative ways, attempting yoga and reading a fascinating book called Full Catastrophe Living by John Kabat-Zinn Ph.D.

How hard could that be?

I find the yoga challenging because of postitions that involve putting weight on my hand. The reading not a problem, Dr. Chris has a huge affection for stories and poetry and each of them she shares has been a gift.

The practicing of pause and doing meditations has been fascinating.

When the class began with about eight of us in all, I said outloud …this group has a nice vibe.

By the fifth class I stated how I was grateful for the collective energy of the room. I had experienced an out of body “sitting “.  The last time that occurred for me was when I was pregnant with my children!!

Yesterday was our full day retreat.

We meditated on top of meditation, on top of meditation ALL DAY. Walking meditations, outside walking meditations, sittings, readings, more walking mediations, mindful silent lunching.

I have never experienced anything like this before. The impact for me of this layering of pause was electric! I was positively humming! Vibrating! I was surrounded by a moving core of white light. The light had a gentle roar. 

Needless to say my day was pretty peaceful and rejuvinating.

comfortable, everyone takes their shoes off…

natural beauty to focus on


glowing paper lantern

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6 Responses to Mindful Meditation

  1. Excellent! What more can I say? Big Happy Zen Hugs!Karen J

  2. nadine sellers says:

    living with a hermit, i experience silence, not white noise but a grey noiselessness, unless music is playing, whenever he wishes to fill the uncomfortable void.i need isolation, in the desert i used to crave the remoteness, of course i had children to care for, but we enjoyed the sounds of nature and the white energy above and around. meditation? or thoughtfulness? i believe that it was a form of yearlong madness, for years i survived for the kids.i love your energy, your willful strides into the open world, just by your photographs i see your focus, you have that strength of spirit.

  3. Karen Hanrahan says:

    Thank you Karen!

  4. Karen Hanrahan says:

    I grew up nadine with a maddening silence, a purposeful shut out – the ever so uncomfortableness. I think I can relate to the way you survived for your kids and that somehow you found the blessings nature and each other could offer.  Thanks for your tremendous support and care and always commenting so generously

  5. Dearest Caringrace,I’m “Kvelling” about you,again! Namaste :-DSheila

  6. Karen Hanrahan says:

    I love it when you Kvell…and when you are here supporting and appreciating

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