Green Moms Carnival :: Gratitude and Our Favorite Green Things Ever!

Several months ago a group of very cool women decided to gather and be a collective voice on topics related to green. 

Green Mom’s Carnival was born. 

In its infancy I personally knew only a few of these ladies, yet as this group has bonded and grown, I have come to know many of them much more and find myself incredibly privileged to be blogging together.

They are a true inspiration, a force of female green, a sector not to be messed with.

They foster informed choice, change and saving the planet. One mom at a time.

As I have gathered these posts and read each and every one of them I am deeply touched by their thoughtful and heartfelt musings about this month’s topic

Now readers, before you completely balk at the volume of commentary here…  


Get yourself a cup of tea and settle in. 

This is like sitting in your favorite chair with a really great book

Read, ponder, learn, hit the back button and read some more.

Don’t forget to chime into the conversation.  Nothing compliments a blogger more than a comment. 

Look forward to a rich, thoughtful and truly wonderful expressions of gratitude and our favorite greennesses.

P.S. If you like a particular point of view please consider adding any of all of these sites to your favorites. Better yet subscribe! Feel free to share this collective expression with those you know.

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From the voices of our founding green mom’s:

in the order that they landed in my inbox…

Jenn of Tiny Choices writes of her Green Gratitude

Sommer of Green and Clean Mom shares about Gratitude, Trust and Listening

Alana of Gray Matters writes about being Gratefully Green

Hannah of Green Phone Booth writes about Living In Booths

Diane of Big Green Purse writes how After 40 Years Protecting the Environment Becomes An OverNight Sensation

MC of Not Quite The Crunchy Parent writes how I’m Thankful Each Day

Mary of In Woman We Trust wrote Three Things I’m Most Grateful For Ever!

Marguerite of La Marguerite wrote The Curse of Nature’s ( Almost ) Constant Goodness

Anna of Green Talk writes Gratitude For the Gift of Six Senses

Ruchi of Ardous Blog writes about An Apple A Day

Heather of Enviromom writes about Giving Thanks For Green Goodness

Micaela of Mindful Momma writes about being Grateful for Good Food

Karen of Best of Mother Earth writes about being Greenfully Grateful

Jenn of The Green Parent writes about her Green Gratitude

Kristin of Green Style Mom writes about Gratitude

Beth of Fake Plastic Fish is Grateful For Plastic Pollution

Lynn of Organinc Mania writes about Finding Time For Gratiitude Amidst The Chaos Of Every Day Life

Jennifer of The Smart Mama shares a Bounty of Gratitude For Green Moms of Earth

greenery image from flickr

New to our Green Mom’s Carnival this month:

Alline of A Passion For Green Business writes about The State of Being Grateful

Nadine of Greenadine writes about Joining the Carnival ( of Greens )

Lill of Hawkhill Acres/ Lills List shares Three Favorite Green Finds

Erin of Conscious Shopper says Thank You Dear Stranger

Meagan of Sage Parenting sends her Green Gratitude

Maya of The Gamble Life has Gratitude For My Green Mom

Colleen of Foodie Tots shares a Countdown to Thanksgiving

leafy green image from flickr

Former Carnivals:

Our First – August – Global Warming
September – Back to School
October – Consumerism

Care to blog&nb
sp;with us ? 

Check out the details here. Our Next Holiday Themed Carnival is hosted by the lovely Diane of Big Green Purse.

me….. being green

Karen Hanrahan ~ Wellness Educator/Nutritional Consultant/Blog Author
708.482.0678 ~ Websites:
Nutrition, Weight Loss, and Green Clean

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10 Responses to Green Moms Carnival :: Gratitude and Our Favorite Green Things Ever!

  1. nadine sellers says:

    You are in your green element here, this is Karengreen at its shiniest and most generous. What effervescent efficiency..gratefully, nadine

  2. Karen, you did such a wonderful job of summarizing the carnival! Thank you, thank you! Now if in the “chaos of my everyday life” I only had time for tea….maybe when I’m watching the election results come in! 🙂

  3. Karen Hanrahan says:

    I like that…my green element! I love that you are here too!

  4. Karen Hanrahan says:

    You are tremendously welcome Lynn! Enjoy tea, the election and what’s next!!

  5. Janelle says:

    As always, the Green Mom’s Carnival is insightful, informational, inspiring, and just all around amazing. I didn’t submit anything this month, but will still promote it with honor over at the blog.Thanks for hosting Karen! Thank all of you for being so amazing! I have enormous gratitude for this community.

  6. Wonderful job, Karen. I am so glad the carnival has expanded to add more mothers of the earth. Welcome, new mothers.

  7. Karen Hanrahan says:

    We missed you Janelle!

  8. Karen Hanrahan says:

    Thank you Anna! I am glad to see the voices expanding too!

  9. Janelle says:

    Okay, the belated post on gratitude from is up at our staff gratitude inspired by the Green Moms Carnival!

  10. Karen Hanrahan says:

    This is wonderful Janelle! What a remarkable staff you get to work with!

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