Quality Vitis Rotundifolia!

Quality WHAT ??? 

Vitis Rotundifolia is the Latin name for our super grape, resveratrol anti-aging product!

Talk about a conversation starter!  Quick!!  Try saying it fast three times!

This new addition to our high quality nutritional supplement line currently has a one month waiting list.

We can not keep up with the demand!

groovy fun graphic designed by sales leader Terri Longfellow Fuller – thank you.

When you search the internet there are multitudes of resveratrol products out there. 

Whats to stop you from getting this one for example at your local Costco

It’s way cheaper. Hey Resveratrol is Resveratrol.

Or is it??

Let’s talk comparison shall we ??

Reversitall Plus™ found at your local Costco is an antioxidant juice that includes a very small amount of resveratrol and ingredients from Muscadine grapes.

Our product is an Anti-Aging Tonic Dietary Supplement,a breakthrough product with ingredients shown in laboratory studies to address cellular anti-aging*

Our patent-pending formula provides 100 milligrams of over 98% pure, natural trans-resveratrol per serving, where Reversitall Plus™ provides less than 2 milligrams of trans-resveratrol per serving—far lower than research-tested levels and far lower than the resveratrol level found in our product.

The amount of resveratrol in our quality anti-aging was carefully determined by evaluating the findings of studies conducted by Dr. David Sinclair of Harvard Medical School  ( A Scientific Advisory Board member ) and many other scientists around the world.

The resveratrol level found in our product was also concluded to be a safe level in an independent safety evaluation by a Professor of Toxicology and Pharmacology.

The resveratrol in our product has been shown in laboratory studies to address three key mechanisms of cellular aging while the Vitis rotundifolia extract has been shown to address the four key mechanisms of cellular aging and is particularly effective at addressing the 4th mechanism (inhibition of AGE protein formation).

In fact, the combination of our proprietary Vitis rotundifolia extract combined with resveratrol has been shown to have 10-fold higher inhibition of AGE protein formation than resveratrol alone, as well as powerful synergistic antioxidant effects with resveratrol, as shown in several laboratory studies¹.*

Reversitall Plus™ contains an assortment of ingredients, including red wine, Muscadine grapes, grapevine, pomegranate, and grape seed. Although compounds in these ingredients are known to be beneficial at some levels, the actual amounts of these ingredients provided by the product are unknown.

In fact, the only ingredient with a specified amount on the label is Resveratrol. Please also note that the amount of Resveratrol is listed as 2000 mcg, which is the same as 2 mg (compared to the 100 mg found in our product).  We employ standardized extracts of resveratrol and Vitis rotundifolia, which ensures that the product delivers key polyphenol levels essential to product efficacy.

Now that’s a detail. Standardized extracts ensure delivery of key polyhenols!

In addition to cellular anti-aging benefits, our product also has significant antioxidant properties. We don’t focus on this effect as we believe the cellular anti-aging story is the unique one that the world is interested in.

Our competition does.

Antioxidant activity is measured through the well established ORAC value.* Consumers should be aware that the Vivix™ ORAC value is significantly higher than that of Reversitall Plus™.

(The Reversitall Plus™ product label states “>6000 ORAC”. However, an independent third party laboratory report lists the ORAC value of one serving of Reversitall Plus™ at 1893, while one serving of our anti-aging  tested at the same time, provides an ORAC value of 5048. ²)

In summary, Our Cellular Anti-Aging Tonic* is a unique dietary supplement with a one of its kind patent-pending blend of polyphenolic compounds that is not found in any other product on the market.

While there are other companies selling products with similar-sounding ingredients, laboratory studies have shown our ingredients ensure greater polyphenol delivery and the ability to positively influence key mechanisms of cellular anti-aging.

* Most importantly, the formulations for  our resveratrol prduct are based on sound science and guided by the latest scientific research.

1. Farrar JL et al. Inhibition of protein glycation by skins and seeds of the muscadine grape.Biofactors. 2007; 30(3):193-200.

2. ORAC test conducted by independent third-party laboratory in July 2008 using Reversitall Plus™ sourced from standard commercial channels and is valid only for the named product tested at that time.

sourced from a field ready response sheet.

stunning vitis rotunifolia image from flickr

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I’d love to be the source for your high quality Vitis Rotundifolia needs!

K a r e n     H a n r a h a n
Wellness Educator/Nutritional Consultant
Mentoring YOU to Health Success
Weight Loss 

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