Hanky Panky

Remember hankies??

You didn’t think this post was going to be something well… flirty,  did you ??

Sorry — this is post is about a green alternative to kleenex!

I adore the florals, the bright colors and the feeling of the worn cotton hankies

I think they are beautiful.

The picture below are just a few from my vintage collection.  See the one in top corner right? I have had that one since I was 6. Grandmother Hanrahan gave it to me. It stayed in my nightstand forever.

I started using hankies several years ago.

Maybe because a lot of crying was going on.

Maybe because I had this collection and I thought I should really use them.

Maybe because it occured to me that kleenex use of all things, could be reduced simply by using a hankie instead.

( excuse me kleenex has a  “let it out” blog? )

I have occasion where my eyes tear. Wind, bright sun or extreme cold will do that to me.  Today tears were streaming down my cheeks as I walked the dog.  I’ve always been like that.  A hankie is always in my purse. Another in the car.  Of course they are in the house or in my pockets. When I use them and it’s only a tear or two I figure it’s probably OK to use again. If I use them and wipe my nose they hit the laundry and I grab a clean one.

If I have a serious cold I go back to kleenex merely cuz of the germy factor

Sometimes my palms get clammy.  Does that ever happen to you? I used a hankie on my wedding day for that reason. I know one probably shouldn’t blog tell everyone and say that that you get clammy hands but my message here is really about the pretty hankies that help me resolve that little occasional personal concern.

Have you ever thought how much kleenex you use?

What great alternatives and green solutions hankies are!  If you ever leave one in your pocket it will never ever make a mess in your laundry.

Maybe I am an old lady reincarnated!

Or maybe I am just too darn practical.

I have started a little flickr group pool where folks can share pictures of their beautiful hankies…care to share ??

scanned affectionately 2007

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14 Responses to Hanky Panky

  1. nadine sellers says:

    Ah! the handkerchief comes back. yes it feels so soft and comfortable.no paper tissue can brush your skin so.the best way to avoid having to use one is to care for the immune system, anti-oxidants, fruits, exercise and walking whenever possible. of course the issue of the tissue is sanitation, but as i witness, most people who use a lot of the boxed convenience seem to dispose of them in an unsanitary method or just spread the germs too freely anyway.thank you for the cloth revival, one small square at a time.

  2. Lori Friedman says:

    Karen,Oh, I LOVE hankies!! I have a collection like yours – all from when I was “young”. I also have some from my mom and grandmother. I have the white lacy one I carried on my wedding day (that one will go to any future daughter- in-law).Loved this postLori

  3. Karen Hanrahan says:

    it’s funny i thought of these as an expression of one small square at a time too  agree with you about methods of dospose, certainly not very careful or mindful

  4. Karen Hanrahan says:

    Lori, perhaps you’d care to add digital images of your hankies to the hanky panky flickr pool http://www.flickr.com/groups/hankypanky/pool/ How wonderful that you have some from when you were young! Are you actively using them ??? If not, what are you waiting for ??

  5. Hankerin’ for Hankies too! I still have lovely embroidered monogrammed hankies from my trousseau that I have enjoyed for 41 years. I treasure my “Feldman Girls’ Hankies, “which are monogrammed hankies belonged to my mother, grandmother’s and my aunt (my mother’s sister). I can’t image going out or “getting dressed up” without a hankie in my purse. I just recalled a lovely memory of shopping for hankies with my mother at Marshall Fields. The hankies were near the hosier section, which I think was on the lower level of the “Great State Street” store. I also remember having a Handkerchief Bridal Shower. Each guest gave me a lovely hankie, many of which I still use. Thank you for the prompting such lovely memories. I love your collection. “Gasuntight”

  6. Karen Hanrahan says:

    See?? you described it just how I imagined it …at great stores like marshall fields picking out hankies!! AND so many traditions! I think you might need to photograph this memory lane of yours.

  7. Lori Friedman says:

    LOL – I think you mean”Gesundheit” (yes, I took 4 year of German)Lori

  8. Karen Hanrahan says:

    Yes, I think that is what my friend Sheila meant! Thanks for the correct spelling. 4 yrs of german – yikes!

  9. Condo Blues says:

    I dug out and started using some hankies that I had left from my grandmother. They are perfect for taking care of business in the morning due to allergy eyes & nose. I never realized how many tissues I was going through until I made the switch. However, there’s one hanky thing that should be banned – the mom spit on a hankie in order to clean something off of a child’s face. ew. 🙂

  10. Karen Hanrahan says:

    I am glad that you have discovered hankies again!

  11. CLAYTON says:

    I am a man and I prefer the term handkerchief. I carry two in my pants’ rear pockets. They are so much better than those paper nuisances that tear, and as one of the comments mentions, messes up the rest of the laundry if left in a pocket. But I always rinse my used handkerchiefs under running water before placing them in the laundry.

  12. Karen Hanrahan says:

    Clayton — thank you for your male perspective and sharing here!

  13. Ion says:

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  14. Jamese says:

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