Clean Your Oven Without Losing Nose Hairs

I am all for effective hair removal but seriously ladies cleaning my oven is not how I want to do it!

Oven cleaners are one of THE most dangerous cleaning products ever. 

What if you could clean off burnt on food in your oven without losing nose hairs in the process? 

With the holiday season upon us perhaps that oven is in need of a good cleaning.

Allow me to share a green clean nugget, a moment of greenness – just you, me and that darn oven. 

Consider trying a green clean scouring paste that smells a little like something between bubble gum and cherry Kool-Aid. 

Gentle in that it won’t scratch, but mighty in that it works really well !! 

And it’s NON-TOXIC? oh and it’s bio-degradable too!

Certainly not something one thinks of as an oven cleaner.  How many folks do you know who believe it needs to be toxic or chemical to get the job done? 

Try again.  Pick your very toughest stain or oven and let this green alternative scouring paste   and a little elbow grease take it on!!

circa 1967self-cleaning flickr image

K a r e n     H a n r a h a n
Wellness Educator/Nutritional Consultant
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3 Responses to Clean Your Oven Without Losing Nose Hairs

  1. OMG! I have that stove! Well, mine’s a little newer – 1971 – and Harvest Gold, not Avocado … I love the smaller oven on top; the bottom one makes a great storage space- it has a light an’ everything! Cooking for only two, the only time I use the big oven is for homemade pizza, my pan is too big for the top. ;)TeeHee!Bright Blessings to you!Karen J.

  2. Karen Hanrahan says:

    What a riot!! Harvest Gold, how lucky for you that it’s “in” again!

  3. urgent says:

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