Motrin Or Natural Pain Relief

Little bit of a hum going on in the world of those who might have appreciated Motrin for Pain Relief.

What did you think of the ad?

I sortof never got why folks buy or pop over the counter pain relief products.  My logic was if you need pain pills all the time you really might want to get to the source of the pain vs taking a pill over and over to make the pain go away.

OTC drugs’s either land in your liver, your kidney or destroy your stomach.

I think I heard somewhere that 70% of those on kidney dialysis were from use of acetametaphine. ( sorry I can’t source that  thought exactly …i think it was stated by nutritionist Barb Lagoni )

The source isn’t as important as the idea – harm to your liver from taking an over the counter medication



Losing a tablespoon of blood from the lining of my stomach, everytime one pops an oh I’ve got a headache relief solution ?

No thanks!

I bought something at Walgreens for a wicked headache I absolutely had to get rid of while in the midst of a long drive this summer.  First time ever that I had pain reliever in my house. I understand how that little pill got me through a painful situation. I do understand pain and wanting it to go away.  I just never kept the stuff in my medicine cabinet just in case

I never gave over the counter stuff to my kids.  Tylenol for teething ? How about frozen bananas instead!

I offer natural solutions for pain. Our pain relief product was the very first on the market that inhibits both the COX-2 and 5-LOX pain pathways. This patent-pending formulation uses natural, safe, and clinically proven ingredients ( boswelia and safflower extracts) . It’s a potent, natural pain reliever that provides long term pain relief without the GI side effects of many pain drugs. It is also significantly less expensive than the COX-2 inhibitors currently available.

Nutrients offer remarkable natural anti-inflammatory solutions for pain relief. Vitamin C, GLA, Fish Oil, Calcium, and Magnesium ALL offer ways to reduce inflammation  which is often the cause of pain.

Consider the choices you have. Immmediate relief and long term harm. Or relief naturally?

Don’t forget to consider seeking the source of your pain.

Let me know if I can help OK?

rendoring of pain flickr image

Karen Hanrahan | wellness educator and consultant | writer
nutrition ~ green clean ~ inch loss ~ anti-aging

Contact me:  708.482.0678

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