Best of Mother Earth Interviewed In VISAO

As some of you know my 1996 McDonalds hamburger post got quite a bit of interweb attention.

One of the blessings from all that hoopla was an interview for a news magazine called VISAO from Portugal that has a circulation of over 100,000! 

A beautiful article written by Luisa Oliveira was released yesterday. 

Below is the section that shared my comments…I can see fast food, McDonalds, 12 years, and my name, profession and blog — blogue…

the rest ?

Sure wish I understood Portugese!

I have a pdf of the entire article should anyone be interested.

A fast food é um dos principais calcanhares-de-aquiles nesta matéria. Se ainda duvida do mal que a comida de plástico pode fazer a quem a come, atente numa experiência do outro lado do Atlân tico: «Peguei num hambúrguer do McDo nalds, coloquei-o num prato e deixei-o ao ar. Isso foi há 12 anos! Desde o dia em que o comprei, aquele pedaço de carne nunca apodreceu ou mudou a sua aparência.» Pode com isto tentar-se imaginar a quan tidade de conservantes utilizada na con fecção dos hambúrgueres fast food. Quem conta esta bizarra experiência à VISÃO é Karen Hanrahan, 48 anos, com uma profi ssão bem americana – wellness educator – e autora do blogue Best of Mother Earth. Ela dá algumas dicas para não se cair numa rotina de comidas processadas. «Re cuperem as refeições em família, incluam os vossos fi lhos na preparação. Aprendam a comer produtos da época. Consumam ve getais, pelo menos duas vezes ao dia.»

These were the questions she asked me:

1. Which are the most common mistakes that parents make to their children, concerning their food?

I feel parents allow food to become entertainment, or a treat. I think this is a very common parental mistake. The act of actually making a meal is a lost art. Parenting on the run and trying to do “everything” creates on the run, grab and go kids. The family meal has virtually disappeared. What about the picnic? Dash and dine can also be homemade. Parents have to be the example. If the parents have bad habits so will the kids.

2. Can you talk about your Mcdonald’s hamburger experience. Why did you decide to keep an hamburger for so long? To prove what?

I attended an in home presentation on hidden sugars and chemicals in food. It opened my eyes tremendously. At that gathering, a burger that had been kept by someone else was mentioned. I couldn’t believe it – I needed to see if it was true. I got my own hamburger, put it on a plate and let it sit in my cupboard for a year or so, eventually I put it in that little sandwich box. All along it never grew mold on it or looked any different from the day I bought it. I didn’t want to proove anything I simply wanted to see for myself. When I began teaching my workshop it became the perfect prop and prompt for discussion

3. In your opinion, no one should go to that fast food, not even once a month?

In my opinion, fast food is for times when you are on the road and have run out of picnic. Bag dining is for moving day when all your dishes are all packed. It’s not for every day dining. Once a month is perhaps a good standard for eating it in moderation.

4. Which are the Healthy Choices for Children you talk about in your workshops?

A variety of 100% Whole Grains, Organic Fruits and Vegetables, Free Range Meats Poultry and Fish, Legumes, Organic Eggs and Dairy. Homemade baking – where you can control the sugar content, avoid synthetically derived preservatives and food dyes

5. I know you have a list of additives to avoid. Can you talk about that list? What kind of food children should not eat so that they can avoid them?

Foods from nature are first choice, if it comes in a box, bag, plastic container – then nature didn’t provide it. How can it possibly be good for you? It’s been manufactured. I am very concerned about altered sugars including saccarin and especially aspartame, msg, nitrates, any of the lettered additives – BHT, BHA, TBHQ, and food dyes. I am additionally cautioning against altered fats – anything hydrogenated. I ask my families to look for hidden sugars. We don’t need sugar in our salad dressings and peanut butter.

6. Can you give us some advice, so that parents can feed better their children on their daily routine

Bring back the family meal! Include your children in food preparation, plan your meals, allow time in each day to lovingly prepare. Learn to eat seasonally and from local resources. Food preparation is educational. Have fun with it!! Include vegetables in at least 2 meals a day. Eating them raw is a great habit, alter the choices. Support your local coop and CSA’s. Buying organic supports that market. 

perfectly depicted – the family meal – flickr image credit – wow thank you

Karen Hanrahan | wellness educator and consultant | writer
nutrition ~ green clean ~ inch loss  ~ anti-aging

Contact me:  708.482.0678

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2 Responses to Best of Mother Earth Interviewed In VISAO

  1. nadine sellers says:

    KAREN, I THINK I KNEW YOU WHEN..send the text on, i have not spoken too many languages in a long time but memory serves when necessary. i’ll mirror your fame right back to you.kudos or pesos, you are on the road…

  2. Karen Hanrahan says:

    with lovely ladies like you supporting and encouraging me…and translating for me… I am on my way …

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