Three Bean Soup

I can not think of a better thing to have on hand than homemade soup.

In a quick pinch it’s a meal merely by reheating. When you add crackers, cheese, sliced fruit or a delicious salad. I call that luxury!

I used a lb of dried adzuki, black and navy soaked overnight, drained and rinsed. The quick soak method for dried beans has never worked for me, but soaking overnight – works like a charm

This particular soup makes lots and lots. Great when your expecting a crowd, have a busy week, or if you care to freeze – this recipe freeezes well. I personally freeze in jars.

Saute in olive oil — celery, onion, carrots and garlic – about 4 large carrots, 3 celery stocks, an entire sweet onion, 3 cloves of garlic

Add drained beans, 1 can or jar of tomato’s ( this recipe says diced – i use puree ) 8 cups of chicken stock,  2 cups water, 2 bay leaves and 1/4 -1/2  cup fresh chopped parsley.

I added a ham hock, I like the depth of flavor this brings to a bean soup.

Bring to a boil, simmer for an hour – I added a chopped turkey ham steak, lots of cracked black pepper.  

The recipe – this is from William Sonoma ” Soup”, all of these recipes are truly suberb. 

It says to puree this …I personally like my bean soup “beany”

To garnish this soup it recommends making ” gremolata” . For my daughters pallette I didn’t bother but adding a mixture of lemon zest, flat leaf parsley. lemon juice and lemon zest I think would make the flavors of this soup totally pop!!

Gremolata is traditionally used for the finishing touch with braised lamb shank…..

can’t you just smell the garlic??????

gremalata ingredient heaven flickr image credit

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