Nutrition for Winter Skin

Growing up my mom’s choice for my teen skin care regime was what one might find at the local drug store.  I remember always struggling with very dry skin. I also had teen acne. As I aged I became hyper sensitive to these low quality petroleum derived skin care products.

I admit I was intimidated by the department store environment…not much into glam, prices to me seemed crazy high ( in comparison to noxema anyway!)  Turns out they were not really much different, most were also petroleum sourced

I really had no guidance of mentoring. 

By the time I reached age 30, my skin was ashen, dull, extremely dry – especially this time of year when the seasons shifted to winter.   My mother in law at the time introduced me to Clinique, I reacted to that, she told me I should be wearing makeup. Most of the makeup I had ever tried made me googly eyed. 

Then I tried a plant based skin care regime that I was amazed by.  It was a system.  It was designed to work synergistically to address all the needs ones face had!  I felt that rather than staying on the surface of my skin, the stuff actually soaked in – my face wanted more!

The skin care line was updated in 1998 and it positively profound! 

Ten years later I still adore…truly ADORE this anti-aging skin care line.

The premise of the line is that research indicated that our skin was aging at an accelerated rate, the chronological aging that one can expect  was no longer valid …things/ decline especially  was happening sooner!  The skin was the very last to recieve the nutrition we were ingesting through our diet.  This line was nutrition for your skin!!

I have a friend who said, and I love this…this stuff is feeding my face!!

Below are some details as to what you need regarding your skin care regime and why – the line has several patents on it – actually unheard of in the industry.  The products are extremely results oriented.

Notice a change in your skin or your money back!

Pretty profound stuff!

Nutrition for Winter Skin – Great for holiday gifting!

Why Cleanse?
Duh – To remove dirt without stripping precious natural oils

Why use Cleansing Masks?

Occasional deep cleansing – goes beyond the surface layers

Why Refine or Polish?

To remove surface dead skin cells

Why Tone?

To pick up traces of cleanser left behind, to prepare for treatment or moisture, turn off iron in the tap water

Why Treat your skin?

To encourages cell turnover, to brighten dark circles and spots, to minimize lines and wrinkles, to recaptures firmness and softness , to protect the skin from photo aging.

Why Moisturize?

To quench your skins thirst for moisture, minimize fine lines and wrinkles  

Look for in your product purchases: 

·Water free

·Products specifically designed for the eye area

·Plant based products

·Oil free

·Soap free

·Dermatology tested

·Won’t clog pores

·Not tested on animals

·No animal derived ingredients 

Avoid in your product purchases:

·Animal derived ingredients/testing

·Avobenzone – preservative found in sunscreens that decomposes when exposed to UV light

·Oils – mineral and vegetable – moisture sealants – block skins natural oils

·No soap – high alkaline – often animal derived

·No isopropyl palmitate – guaranteed to induce black heads

·No propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, or sodium laureth sulfate – these ingredients are questionable – carcinogenic

·No dyes – not necessary in any product – can irritate skin

·No DEA – common foaming agent – currently under investigation by the NTP (National Toxicology Program)

·No imidazolidinyl urea, diazolidinyl urea, quartnium 15 ( these were some of the things I had issues with ) – common preservatives that “out gas” releasing formaldehyde – sensitivity to formaldehyde is on the rise – may provoke auto immune response

·Fragrances other than those that are hypoallergenic

What ingredients are in your skin care products? Are you getting the results you want?  Care to discuss a skin care regime just for you ? I’d love to help!

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karen hanrahan | wellness educator and consultant | writer
nutrition ~ green clean ~ inch loss  ~ anti-aging

Contact me:  708.482.0678

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  1. Skin Care says:

    A great article, you write from heart mother earth.. cause you are also a mom.

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