Change The World One Pound At A Time

Today Oprah declared she had fallen off the weight loss wagon and shared her public embarassment…it reminded me of a guest post I wrote a year ago for Liz Srauss

Change The World:  One Pound at a Time

by Karen Hanrahan

Tis the season for eating!!!

I can hear my indulging commentary oh why fight it, hey the holiday season is all about the food!  I’ll be REALLY good AFTER the holidays.

(in holiday forked tongue what that really means is weeks of being really really bad)

I’ll binge now and worry about it later

(sort of like I’ll shove it in faster than I ever did before because in January I am going on a diet!! )

Sound Familiar?

Three years ago I was a whopping size 24

It’s one thing to hit 200 lbs as Oprah just has, it’s another to go above and beyond 200lbs.  At 240 lbs how could ANY weight loss really make a difference?  OH gee – I lost 10 lbs – I weigh 230 lbs, now what? 100 lbs to go! 

Forget it.

One brownie became 3 brownies simply because what difference did it really make?

In the bigger (ha!) picture of things I was already BIG.

How did I get to be so darn BIG? Some of it was circumstance (car accident – injury – 2 years of pain), some of it was chosen sedentary-ness

(if I didn’t move then it wouldn’t hurt)

and mostly I had total pathetic apathy  

(it’s just too darn hard.)

I gave up.

For those of us who have been of size, there are details to being fat that are never discussed. Those of thinness take for granted the horrors we of girth endure.

In my minds eye, meaning without ever looking in the mirror, I was skinny. My true self was thin.

(or the person I could seemingly relate to)

I would walk down the street, see the reflection in the glass and completely ignore who I actually saw.

(What I don’t acknowledge won’t hurt me.)

I didn’t sit neatly in a chair. Those of thinness kindly observe that when you sit in a chair, volumes of you don’t roll over the side of the chair. I affectionately called that sitting in the round.

After a 60 lb weight loss, I got on a plane and buckled my seatbelt without even thinking.  Wait a minute – I was sitting in the in the middle seat, something I could NEVER do as a woman of size. I burst into tears when I realized that my thighs were not invading someone’s personal space. Nothing worse than sharing thunder thighs with a stranger.

(I then had to explain to two complete strangers why the heck I was crying.)

Ever go in the Woman’s Plus Department? See anything hip you’d care to wear? See any natural fabrics? Can you say S-T-R-E-T-C-H, synthetic land? Can you see that the #one color choice is black? Can you imagine the feeling of black synthetic stretchy fabric on a balmy humid summer afternoon? Thunder thighs wrapped in plastic. Lovely huh?

When fat, I once had to walk through a crowd. A young man in front of me,  a thin young man pushed his way through the crowd shouting WIDE LOAD coming through WIDE LOAD. I thought I would simply die. Bad enough that that young person was so disrespectful.

How bad does it have to get to shift from hefty to healthy?

How horrible did it have to be?

For me?   I got scared. Like Oprah, I also got embarrassed. I looked in the mirror. I faced my skepticism, took on some AMAZING weight loss products that helped the process, but mostly I allowed myself room for being real.

What monster had I created and was I willing to look at that creep face to face?

Five things made a difference for me …and still do.

  • water the only beverage of choice
  • snacks in this order; protein, vegetables, fruit, carbs
  • movement  – like get up and just walk –  forget the gym membership save that for later when you’ll actually go
  • immediate success – seeing some weight come off was truly inspirational
  • habits – notice them – boy, I didn’t even know the bad habits I had created. Do something about them.

These five things are certainly not rocket science.  They are definitely not something that everyone doesn’t already know.

Back then I had two immediate goals. Kick the 200 lb mark, and get out of the plus department.

I still celebrate my size 18 – ness. Officially
I am so out of the plus department!

I’ve kept the weight off!!

Do we hear weight success stories all the time? Sure.

Perhaps you see a bit of yourself in my story.

More than anything perhaps you can find a bit of inspiration to give yourself that kick in the size ah-hem pants and get on the path to health.

Best yet,  imagine if we all took on weight loss, we’d alter a frightening epidemic health issue.  

We’d Change The World One Pound At A Time!

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karen hanrahan | wellness educator and consultant | writer
nutrition ~ green clean ~ inch loss  ~ anti-aging

Contact me:  708.482.0678

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3 Responses to Change The World One Pound At A Time

  1. earthmother says:

    Great post, Karen! No one can understand what you share like someone who’s been there. I would walk down the street, see the reflection in the glass and completely ignore who I actually saw.Boy, do I remember those days. I’d never look in a full-length mirror either. I existed from the neck up. What made me finally DO SOMETHING? I was so tired of feeling sick and tired all the time. And, like you, one day I actually stopped and looked back at the reflection in the glass. I didn’t recognize myself, and that was frightening. Not officially out of the Plus Sizes yet, but moving in that direction. 😀

  2. Karen Hanrahan says:

    I existed from the neck up … me too!!  Here is to your continued weight loss success.  Appreciate your comment here.

  3. Fairy says:

    I lost 13 lbs in only two weeks by obeying this one easy rule

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