Pre and Post Surgery Nutrition

give the body the tools it needs – then the body will heal

below are a few suggestions for nutrients to take pre and post surgery:

( you can absolutely bet that I am on this regime )

zinc by the way can cut healing time in half!!

Zinc– up to 50 mg – 4 per day – note if nauseous reduce zinc – each person has a zinc threshold

C– 6 per day – for connective tissue and to reduce inflammation

Calcium – 1500 mg per day — 4 per day

E for scarring – 2 per day

( Is E Safe? Absolutely!) Does it thin the blood naturally?  Yes. As do a variety of other nutrients and herbs. As do certain foods for goodness sake.

Some practitioners say absolutely no E. The research and benefits of E are astounding. Especially for healing. You get to decide.

I advocate that you take nutrients and herbs up to one week prior to surgery. Stop until after your surgery, about two weeks or until you are off any medications they may have put you on. Resume your natural infection fighting, inflammation reduction and rebuilding protocol then. The only exception to this is the friendly bacteria. Take it during the entire process.  If you are on meds don’t forget to detox your liver afterwards.  


Natural anti-inflammation – essential fatty acids – 3- 6 per day  

And because I said so :

Friendly Bacteria – daily

Natural Interferon – daily

Muscle Repair Product – daily

Protein – building block for all cellular action in the body – daily

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karen hanrahan | wellness educator and consultant | writer
nutrition ~ green clean ~ inch loss  ~ anti-aging

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2 Responses to Pre and Post Surgery Nutrition

  1. Bobbie Kostos says:

    Hello Karen:
    I am scheduled for corrective surgery for some slight facial deformities that evolved from having a parotid tumor removed 5 yrs. ago. My surgeon (who I totally trust) has told me to absolutely not take Vitamin E or fish oil prior to or immediately after surgery. My sister-in-law is having some cosmetic surgery & said her doctor did not tell her this. She is a retired pharmacist & feels Vitamin E is perfectly safe to take. I have researched this on various websites which led me to you & most have said no E two weeks before & 2 weeks after as it can cause excessive bleeding & interferes with blood clotting. Now I am not sure what to do?? Please advise. Thank you.

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