Marble Temporarily Has A New Home

Our Siberian Husky is graciously staying at my Jazzercise instructor’s place while I have and recover from my surgery.  

With the news of my surgery finalized, my number one wish for assistance was to find someone to care for her

I knew once my daughter went back to school I couldn’t manage the dog while casted, risk pulling the plate or re injuring my wrist

Tracy has a huge fenced amazing yard, 2 other dogs, 4 cats and 3 kids. The home is definitely a bustle, yet one thing for sure this family adores animals.  Our Marble settled in beautifully.

When Tracy came to meet her here I felt like the two of them fell in love.  It was as if they had known each other forever!  Taking her over the first time it was clear she could manage the transition.  She wasn’t  too alpha with the other 2 dogs.  The yard alone is a Siberian Huskies dream come true!

When we dropped her off it felt right. 

Yet coming back home we never ever realized how much energy she had – that dog filled this space and more.  It was an immediate missing.

All her little nuances, sounds, quirks and such …were gone. No one greeted us when we got home.

Tracy emailed or called in Marble reports.

Marble’s first night she had trouble settling down for the night, Tracy stayed with her, reassuring accordingly – Marble would wake up wonder, lick Tracy’s face and settle again.  Each night now, my pup is near Tracy’s bed.

I was so touched by this

I particularly love the story of when they brought in their holiday tree and my dog barked at it for over an hour. Yes, that’s a tree. Thank you for sharing.

A very typical Marble antic

The other day I got a call from a very nice man who said I have your dog.  Yikes!  I gave Tracy a call to let her know the dog was found – poor thing just about had a heart attack.  A gate had been left open.  For the Siberian Husky escaping comes with the territory. Oooh a gate is open – that is an engraved invitation to “run!”  She got as far as down the block when she befriended two young boys – their dad was very cool about all.  Marble had found more new friends

We had the opportunity to visit her the other evening. I had no idea what to expect. Would she remember us?  Marble is new to us – dog owning is new. We didn’t know. 

She completely knew us, it was positively heartwarming.  She behaved as she does here, in her Siberian Husky, I have ADD way, it was clear as Tracy had shared how she had completely adopted Snoopy, one of Tracy’s dogs.

Mostly she had made herself part of their family

When it was time to get back …Marble started to nibble and chew on us, she KNEW we were leaving.  And as Tracy’s daughter held on to her at the door she was whimpering and anxious.  She totally didn’t want us to go.


Below are the few pictures we took:


marble really likes him

The Boys – Tim and Snoopy

Happy to See Kate


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