The Greenest Gift Of All – Memories

I can’t sleep – ever have that happen to you?

In my awakeness I was drafting stories.

I actually do that typically to help me fall asleep.

My mind was not going to rest tonight.

This sharing kept coming to me for further drafting.  

It was if it wanted to tell itself!


Many years ago — Sue, a truly great friend and I exchanged holiday gifts. 

She gave me something wonderful ( she always does! ) with this absolutely adorable tag.  

A little card made with buttons crafted into a snowman.

I so could not get over the gift tag.

sue’s gift tag made with buttons

Seeing how much I fancied the tag, she gave me some already crafted the following year.  All of which  disappeared very quickly.
I could hardly wait to share them! I love how she thoughtfully made them for me.

She makes many of her own gift tags and gifts.  I have to say that I admire that.

The above little card is something I pull out each and every year and set somewhere to view.  It just makes me happy.  It has brought me years of simple whimsical joy 

I am creative in different ways.   I could positively swim in buttons, they make me smile ever so, and yet I seriously wondered if I would ever actually sit down and produce something like this.

I thought maybe I could make one with baby blue buttons on a navy card stock, it’s end dipped in silver glitter – a nightime snowman scene.

Never got around to doing it

This year Sue gave me an absolutely lovely jar FILLED with buttons. She gave me assorted card stock and glue. 

Best of all we spent an entire afternoon drinking tea, eating cookies and making button snowman cards! 

In Sue’s home she has a dresser with all these nifty little drawers. She keeps all that she needs for making tags in each of the drawers.  How simple is that! 

The buttons she gave me were absolutely fantastic!   

Below is my interpretation of the button snowman card.

assembly at sue’s

beige “pair” with yellow ribbon

pink and layered

sassy blue

This gift completely touched my heart.  It spoke to my greenness – The reusing of old buttons and scrap card stock. 

AND she offered the gift of time, making, giggling and sharing.

The Greenest Gift Of  All :: Memories!

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11 Responses to The Greenest Gift Of All – Memories

  1. What a great idea for recycling and having fun too. I love doing stuff like this. I usually make something for close friends. My family isn’t as appreciative of handmade as friends for some reason.

  2. Karen Hanrahan says:

    Isn’t it wonderful ??  I think sometimes it’s OK to do these types of things for ourselves.  I find it relaxing and expressive. Phoeey on what my family might think.

  3. Those guys are Adorable!What I always loved about my Granma’s button jar was the *smell* – can’t begin to describe it, but I always knew there was a lot of Love in there!Happy New Year!Karen

  4. Karen Hanrahan says:

    Thank you Beth

  5. Karen Hanrahan says:

    I think every grandma has a button box ….and I agree there was “something ” about it – Happy New Year to You  too

  6. A am sister- button-lover, too! My favorites are the ones I wear in my ears!

  7. Karen Hanrahan says:

    OOOH buttons in one’s ears!!

  8. Johnson says:

    What I always loved about my Granma’s button jar was the *smell* – can’t begin to describe it, but I always knew there was a lot of Love in there!

  9. Karen Hanrahan says:

    I noticed the smell and the feeling of love too!!

  10. James says:

    My niece recently got her ears pierced and my sister made her some button ear-rings, she loved them! This post reminded me of those awesome dangling pieces of jewelery. Its such a nice thing getting something with a lovely personal touch like that. I think i might start getting creative with buttons myself!

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