Detox with Senna

I want to thank all the clients who have stepped forward to ask more about the detoxification process!

I have enjoyed the phone appointments and the referrals also.

In keeping with this month’s theme; detoxifying,. please remember our natural laxative!

This signature product, created in 1917, by the founder of our company encourages a very mild cleansing action to aid the body’s natural process.

This herbal laxative, can also be made into a pleasant – tasting tea. Our natural laxative contains Senna leaf, a traditional herb used for more than 3,500 yrs.

Benefits of using this product include:

improves regularity,

reduces body odor,

helps acne,

relieves constipation,


gastrointestinal problems,

relieves hemorrhoids,

relieves boils,

helps headaches,

improves bad breath

above sourced from: nutrition and you

 a customer writes this testimony:

This natural laxative is the best product I have used for internal cleansing. I use two at night and really feel the difference the next day. It’s consistantly wonderful. Thank you and I’ll let you know when I want more!!

vintage senna, not what I’d recommend (!) flickr image credit


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