Favorite Holiday Greeting

I managed prior to surgery  to put my holiday decor in a laundry basket in the basement.

My last trickle holiday greeting came in this week and ceremoniously as I have done all my life, before they get put away and after I read them one last time…I pick a favorite.

Some years I struggle picking just one, other years it’s hands down easy

This year I had three – all completely different – however this one above all just rocked.

As not green as sending holiday greetings might be I can honestly say I don’t care.

I adore sending them and I LOVE getting them.

the back of the card is snowman wig lisa beebe from nouvelle images

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2 Responses to Favorite Holiday Greeting

  1. earthmother says:

    LOVE it!!What do you do with your favorites each year?New year blessings, Karen.

  2. Karen Hanrahan says:

    When it arrived I just loved it – I said outloud – this has to be the fav ….In years past I have framed them in multi-opening collage style frames and added them to holiday decor; santas, angels, snowman and then the odd design here and there….Happy New Year to You, too!!

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