Surgery Update

Many of you have been asking why I have had this surgery.  I thought I’d explain. 

Thanks ever so much for your wondering.

Two  years ago I was rear ended.

It was dusk, raining, the accident was incredibly low impact, yet impactful enough to lurch me forward.

My glasses flew off my head, the side of my right wrist slammed into the steering wheel.

A few weeks prior I had fallen while walking my dog.  I had severely torn a ligament in my left ankle.

The car accident caused my back and neck to sprain.

My wrist and the pain was undefinable.
Major OUCH

I could not comb my hair, lift a piece of paper.

I had lost use of the hand.

Not to mention the other injuries or situations that  I was dealing with.

I was dealing with a brand new dog in my home.
This was also when my husband abandoned me and my family.

They ended up x-raying the wrist – no break. They casted it, splinted it and 12 weeks later it was exactly the same.

The surgeon said maybe it’s a ligament tear, lets do exploratory surgery.
I wasn’t enrolled.

I started searching for alternative help and found my chiropractor.

She got my wrist back to every day function patiently using a combination of chiropractic, acupuncture, nst, and guasha

Yet anything twisty turny aggravated it ; dishes, cooking, opening my doors w/ a key – not to mention walking my dog

I was constantly battling inflammation

An OT friend suggested I investigate the county route for those w/o health insurance to get an MRI

Something was not right with this wrist and having additional diagnostics would help define the situation.

I did exactly that, a long arduos methodical path that showed two things; my lunate, one of the many bones in the wrist was dying, and my ulna, one of the long bones in the arm was probably aggravating my lunate.

Anatomically, I have ulna’s that are too long.

I can parallel that to having a tipped uterus, or flat feet. 

One of those many goofy genetic dispositions that eventually can cause problems or be an advantage depending on how one looks at it;  they tell me a tipped uterus is really great for conceiving and delivering children!! Flat feet keeps one out of armed services. Long ulna’s as far as I know have no advantages.

My surgery shortened and shaved my ulna. They put in a handy dandy plate too.

So far I am doing quite well.

I shared pics from Day Five After My Surgery

Day ten has my inflammation reduced almost 100%. It only hurts now at night.

I am challenged in that I can’t drive, type w/ my write hand ( this post I did in bits – a little each day)

I can’t chop things, wash dishes…and am hindered in many other every day living things.

Thank goodness I work from home!

Surgery Love, the title of an email folder I created,  gets new emails added each and every day.
Oh how positively kind so many of you are.

Below are pictures of the orchid in full bloom that the WSWE sunshine commitee delivered.

Wow – I can not begin to say how this filled my healing heart.

The distintinction of this particular orchid is it’s buttery yellow petals.

taken by Karen

taken by Karen

Which photograph do you like best?

karen hanrahan | wellness educator and consultant | writer
nutrition ~ green clean ~ inch loss  ~ anti-aging

Contact me:  708.482.0678 

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