The Virgin Tweeter That Could



When I first started writing my blog,  I must confess. I had never ever been to a blog.

I had no idea what one was, what one looked like or how my concept fit into the big picture of the blogosphere. I just knew they drove search engine traffic somehow and that I had something to say.

How’s that for a bloggy business plan?

Along my learning path came these other cyber space things; my space, facebook, linkedin, and the most brilliant of all twitter.  These social media places to be. These profile based, link love, fast paced, say it in 140 words or less …I don’t quite get it internet places.

I took on that  “I don’t get it” mantra for quite some time.

Yet, In recent weeks my social media light bulb went on …

I lost my twitter virginity.

In the midst of which some very dear fellow twitters pulled a shorty award out of the way to twitter hat!

Green Mom’s Carnival was 5th in the running for the first ever Shorty Awards which recognizes the absolute very best producers of short content (140 characters or less) on Twitter.

Our group;   A group of green women bloggers, uniting our voices to help preserve and protect Mother Earth for future generations, totally took it on in the category of green

We were greenly up against:

Alexis Madrigal — staff writer working on a book about the history of green tech in America

D CarliISC Senior Research Fellow focused on sustainability, green media, advertising, marketing & sustainable media supply chains & innovation

Donegans Land — the thoughts and ramblings of Irish landscape gardener Peter Donegan

Last but not least the beloved, Dr Greene — Pediatrician, Author of Raising Baby Green. Featured in NY Times as The Organic Man., Organic Center, Healthy Child, ADAM Chief of Future Health.

Whom we raced neck and neck with until the very end. ( as a matter of fact we thought we were in second place until the final tally came in! )

How does one win the shorty award??

You campaign!  Grass roots style.  You ask for votes, you send emails and best of all you tweet!!

Gather a group of chirpy greenly determined woman and watch them fly!

That is EXACTLY what this virgin tweeter did…I watched with amazement, I followed, I too campaigned and tweeted and lo and behold we won!!

Winners get to gather for the Shorty awards ceremony and party February 11th in NYC!

See all the Shorty Award winners

Way to Go Green Mama’s!!

I might add also that this particular flock could not fly without a lead bird  … Lynn over at Organic Mania spirited some very determined chirping. You are awesome Lynn.

something to say birdy flickr image credit

karen hanrahan | wellness educator and consultant | writer
nutrition ~ green clean ~ inch loss ~ anti-aging

Contact me:  708.482.0678

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6 Responses to The Virgin Tweeter That Could

  1. Congratulations, Karen! And glad to hear your no longer “winged”. 😀

  2. Karen Hanrahan says:

    Thank you Robert!!

  3. bulaidh bós – well done and congrats. the irish gardener is extremely happy for youslán agus beannachtpeter

  4. Karen Hanrahan says:

    the irish in me peter appreciates you saying so..

  5. ….i’m smiling more now 🙂

  6. Karen Hanrahan says:

    grinning here now ear to ear w/ a blush …

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