In Memory of Paul Stitt

Saturday in Manitowic, Wisconsin at the Kadow Room at the Capitol Civic Center from 1-4 there will be a loving celebration of the life of Paul Stitt fomer owner of Natural Ovens Bread Company.

While the news of his death this past Saturday saddens me deeply. I am forever consoled by the footprint he left on this planet with his ideals about bringing healthy bread products to the marketplace.

I met Mr. Stitt in the late 80’s at a Natural Ovens Bakery Convention.  He educated me and inspired me.  He was a pioneer.  His presence was dynamic, contagious and determined.  I admired his business tenacity.  For years and years I advocated his products.  

Last year after a blog post I wrote I had the priveledge of interviewing Paul and befriending his beautiful daughter, who now overseas Natural Ovens under it’s new ownership.

My love and sympathy goes out to his family.

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4 Responses to In Memory of Paul Stitt

  1. John says:

    Thanks for your positive comments & sympathy toward Paul Stitt…I also have talked to him & Barbara & have been inspired for many years….thanks to him I still eat flaxseed after 20 plus years & also try to eat a nutritious diet….our loss of a great & caring man….

  2. Karen Hanrahan says:

    John you’re very welcome. I wish you a continued wellness journey. I appreciate you comment here.

  3. Karen,Thanks for the kind words about my father. He will truly be missed. He was a nutrition crusader and was always researching. One thing that amazed me about my father was that he could read a 30,000-word research article that didn’t use any words with less than 10 characters and he could understand it all and summarize it and say what we needed to hear in layman’s terms. I’m honored to continue his legacy and will do my best to keep Natural Ovens going the way that he would have wanted. In all things you learn something and in the last few months, I’ve learned that you absolutely must make the most of each moment that you have; God is the only one that knows how long you have here on earth. So enjoy, stay healthy so you can enjoy it to the last moment (which my father did) and make sure your loved ones know that they are loved and supported.My father did not want us to mourn his death; he wanted us to celebrated his life… so celebrate and enjoy. He is happy and at peace now with no pain.Thank you for your friendship and kindness.Chelle

  4. Karen Hanrahan says:

    You’re very welcome Chelle.  I love how you describe how he could convert research to layman’s terms. That was my experience of your dad!  I am also glad that you also mentioned that he enjoyed his life even up to the  very last moment. That’s a great image and reminder about what’s most important, someone who celebrated and enjoyed life! I treasure our friendship too!

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