Earn Money Sharing Wellness

My industry or the company I am an independent distributor for  has two remarkable paths of opportunity.

Both sell wellness or create healthier lives.

One opportunity path is in the form of physical well being.
The other is in the form is fiscal well being.

In our training we are encouraged to row with both oars and always parallel the two conversations.

Speaking to the fiscal opportunity in some circles is known as recruiting or prospecting.

I’ve had a recruiting focus.  I found I could enroll just about anyone in an opportunity. However the quality of recruits just wasn’t there. They wanted what I created for them in potential without doing the work. I sometimes found I could sponsor people to the business opportunity but couldn’t get them to buy the products.  This never made sense to me. How could anyone build volume if they didn’t try the product line they were representing? 

It left me frustrated.

Since I came into the company absolutely loving the products I shifted instead to creating devoted consumers 

At some level this worked very well.  I found many members loved the products and were totally willing to share that affection with everyone they knew! Especially if there was a dollar value at the end of their efforts.

Yet to shift them from sharing and referring to driven individuals that had to reach goals or monthly quota sales where the real income was, seemingly wasn’t my area of expertise. 

Then I decided to shift from a recruiting or selling model to asking myself what kind of people would I most love working with?   

This is what I came up with:

Seeking like minded individuals to join my wellness sales organization. Those joining me would ideally have a passion for prevention, nutritional supplementation and wellness for the planet.  They would not be leary of MLM.  They’d enjoy hands on training, mentorship, resources, and an international company with a 52 year track record. While this is a sales position, it is really more of a sharing from your heart opportunity. Income is what you make it. I also would absolutely love to learn from you. Bring me your enthusiasm, your tech savvy, your fresh ideas and perspectives.

How does that feel for you? If you or someone you know fit that description would you be apt to ask me for more information?

rainbow splash of opportunity flickr credit

karen hanrahan | wellness educator and consultant | writer
nutrition ~ green clean ~ inch loss  ~ anti-aging

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