One Armed Bloggette – Part Three

It’s five weeks today since I had my surgery.  Yesterday I was given a shorter cast.  I still have some healing to do.  I saw stars when they removed it.  Yikes!

Now I can learn to use my elbow again. The skin where the rest of the cast was is really gross. I get to keep this one on for a month. It’s shorter on the hand giving me some finger wiggle. 

Folks bringing us our evening meal has been truly helpful

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2 Responses to One Armed Bloggette – Part Three

  1. Alline says:

    Yay! Your arm has reappeared! Your fingers wiggle! (Aren’t casts the grossest thing EVER? I broke my wrist in college – when the cast came off my arm was stinky, had a greenish tint from the bruising, and scratches from my futile attempts at itch relief with a wire hanger…PLUS washing one’s hair one-handed is definately a challenge!) So glad you’re on the mend!

  2. Karen Hanrahan says:

    seemingly alline my “arm” has a following on flickr …90 something hits!  I totally agree that casts are gross. My elbow is a purple-esque shade and the skin is just discusting.  I literally dream of washing my hair with both hands!! I know that incremental progress is occurring. Each day.

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