What I Learned From A Sidewalk …sortof

It’s time again to participate in Robert Hruzek’s monthly writng project WILF. 

This month the topic is What I Learned From A Sidewalk.

The topic may not make sense to you unless you are a regular over at Middle Zone Musings, however I have ever so appreciated Robert’s musings on this “path”  of  his.  

I think it’s a perfect writing topic to explore. 

( I might add that I happened to be there for the Joanna Young  pizza moment described from SobCon08 and it totally cracks me up that this silly instant still comes up)  

My personal sidewalks are collages.

The visual medium of self exploration through collage has been with me for over ten years.  I feel my collage work consistantly captured personal moments in thought, growth and definitely in time.  When Robert mentioned our sidewalks or our daily paths of insight I was struck with how each of my collages hold similar characteristics.  These symbols from my subconscious mind remind me of words like strive on, moving forward, openings ands the strongest message from all of them is hope. 

My affection for the visual celebration is expressed all around me. My home is dripping in my favorite color blue ( as do many of my collages! . I collect local artists work. Everywhere you look there is something appealling to the eye.

I do this because I need to. 

I collage because I need to continue to look inside 

Specifically, my collage work captures my inside thoughts and reminds me or inspires me to move forward in my life. I keep the latest in front of me as inspiration. 

The characteristics seemingly included in most of my collage work are:

nature, growth or things growing, flowers blossoming, trees standing tall, forest paths leading, stairs going up, handles to turn, doors to open, windows to see things through, guiding light shining through a window, things that represent building; bricks, lumber, buttons, vines and an eye as if to look, see and examine ever so much closer…

The collage above is part of a series

Do the collages speak for themselves?  Do you see the paths? The journeys of hope?  The inspiration?   More collage samples here

karen hanrahan | wellness educator and consultant | writer
nutrition ~ green clean ~ inch loss  ~ anti-aging

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4 Responses to What I Learned From A Sidewalk …sortof

  1. Very interesting interpretation, Karen. I think I see where you’re going with it. Keep it up!Tip o’ the hat to ya!

  2. Karen Hanrahan says:

    I know Robert that they are not nearly as literal as your musings, but they are definitely me. I am glad that you can see where they take me!  Thanks as always for the encouragement and that signature tip o’ the hat !!

  3. Luke Gedeon says:

    Hey, I was sidewalks in several of those pictures. I’d say those count. Not that my vote counts, but still….Very nice collages there. Well done.

  4. Karen Hanrahan says:

    You are wonderfully observant Luke! Your vote counts in my book! Thank you!

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