Accountants Need Nutritional Supplements Too.

Why I was thinking about this in the shower is beyond me, but I was…

maybe because I have an accountant that is exceptionally good to me and I was thinking of ways nutrients would support her right now…

she thought it was a tad odd that I was thinking about “her” in the shower …ha!!

I was really just thinking about how crazy this time of year is for all accountants

It’s the last weeks before our income taxes are due and as an accountant you are probably “feeling” it

Some coping nutritional product suggestions could include:

Gingko Biloba for mental acuity

Ginseng – an adaptive herb that brings all things to balance – energy/vitality

Our Stress Relief Product – stress of any kind is hard on the body/long term health – this product takes the edge off – and if computations are keeping you up at night this will help you sleep ( as does Calcium – nature’s muscle relaxant!)

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  1. This is a unique concept you have given, i have always liked to write something like this. Thanks to share

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