Wanted – Green People

It’s the very last day of March, and my last opportunity to speak to green in honor of St Patrick’s Day, this months theme.

It’s at this time of the year, when April turns into MORE spring showers, and a time when I set aside my nuritional supplement hat and wear the hat of green advocacy.

I marvel at how the green awareness level has spiraled to an ultimate high. Don’t you ? Green is SO in. Green is SO trendy and yet to some, green is still weird.

When I was detoxing my household and laundry products Twenty years ago – I was not the norm, as a matter of  fact I was the odd woman out.

Many people told me to “let it go”, it’s not a big deal. Yet to me it wasn’t only a big deal, it meant everything to me.

I saw companies producing products that caused harm, caused harm to me, my kids and to the environment.

My shifting ideals were going against what I had always known and what my mother’s mother had always known – I came from generations of Tide, Clorox and Cascade users.

How could those products be bad people would say, how could and would any of these companies produce toxic and non-biodegradable cleaning products?

Hmmm they do.  AND they STILL do.

Where are the authorities in the matter people would say?

I would agree and shrug my shoulders. EXACTLY!

I feel small changes collectively add up to monumental changes. Do you ? I feel striving for solutions rather than further aggravation will also help.  I of course have always felt that changing household cleaning brands will make a difference and best yet have been knocking on doors one house at a time ever since 1993 sharing that message. The founder of our company touted that very same philosophy – one house at a time we can make a difference.

I am very proud to be the steward of his vision and his pioneering – he and our company have been green since 1956 – WAY ahead of anyone else. Way ahead of his time.

I am seeking those of you who want to make solid choices about cleaning green.

Choices that include:

Products that don’t have something sneaky in them like 1,4-dioxane ( found in your ever so popular Method and Seventh Generations brand, but OOPS not mentioned on their labels )

Cleaning products that actually work – like they actually clean stuff the way they are supposed to.

Products that by design are so highly concentrated that the turn around time for you to re-purchase is 4 YEARS!!!

Products that actually biodegrade, in the world of green that would seemingly be an important detail!

Wanted: Green people!

Allow me to be of green service to you!

here you are waiting and wanting to be really green flickr image credit

How Do You Celebrate Earth Day?
What’s stopping you from Cleaning Green?

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