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Green Goes With Everything by Sloan Barnett

   Green Goes With Everything – Simple Steps to a Healthier Life and Cleaner Planet by Sloan BarnettThis is a book I couldn’t put down.  I read it cover to cover in just a few days.  Why was that ? It could be that the … Continue reading

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Green – wow – sure is a popular topic , have you noticed that  “everyone”  is all of a sudden, profiting, touting or advocating their almighty green-ness? I hope I don’t sound pompous – I certainly am glad that the wave … Continue reading

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Scour Naturally

I remember once I was cleaning the bathtub using an ordinary scouring powder, somehow I got some in my nose and about lost my mind with how much it burned, I thought to myself how much damage did I just do … Continue reading

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No More Ring Around The Bathtub

In the days of yore when I used chemical bathroom cleaners, typical soaps and shampoo’s from the grocery store, I constantly battled with ring around the bathtub, slimy tile walls and a discusting shower curtain.  While I felt it was a never ending battle, … Continue reading

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Toxic Household Chemical Facts and Statistics

Thank you to Cynthia Latham VP of research and development, for this very compelling and wonderfully sourced data. Ms. Latham was responsible for helping our company become the first Climate Neutral Certified Company in 2000 to offset 100% of C02 production. … Continue reading

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Phosphate Free Automatic Dish Powder

Phosphates are what had me originally search for green alternatives. I wanted to say no to detergents that would foster the overgrowth of foul-smelling algae from choking lakes and rivers. I could not find a phosphate free or chlorine free automatic dish powder anywhere. … Continue reading

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Chicago Bans Phosphates Thirty Eight Years Ago. Still NO Enforcement

Below is an article describing what phosphates are, the ill effects phospates have on our lakes and streams.  This also shares a fine example of legislation signed to supposedly make a difference in this area that for over 30 years has NOT been enforced.  … Continue reading

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Which Is Better? Vinegar or Organic Concentrate?

The days of green cleaning have many of us considering  folklore solutions. While vinegar is a classic alternative, in my experience it had me working way too hard to get something clean, yes my elbow grease was my green determination. … Continue reading

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Digging For Worms

This slice of life wiglet of a story was inspired by the above photograph, which was taken by the brilliant and ever so amazing photographer Robyn of Birdznest Photography. Once upon a time it was spring.  We were digging in our great grand earth to prepare … Continue reading

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In Time For Earth Day! Buy Two Get One Free

Just in time for Earth Day – Buy Two and Get One Free I love that! Stock up on your all purpose handy dandy organic green cleaning wipes and germicidal wipes  We believe in a cleaner that doesn’t leave behind … Continue reading

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