Five Wonderful Ways To Go Green

Each April, in addition to sharing the natural approaches to health via nutritional supplementation, I devote additional advocacy to the wellness of this planet. If the message has not filtered through to you yet, we really can’t clean this planet up by ourselves – we need a collective force.

I need you to alert those you might know to all that we have to offer regarding cleaning green. Share. People are more receptive than they have ever been before. I want to spread the word. Lets get that clean green feeling together? Will you help me?

Topic of the Month – Healthy You, Healthy Home, Healthy Planet
Discovering green clean for me was like discovering a non-toxic gold mine!! I want others to be as excited as I was way back in 1993. The company I purchased my non-toxic, highly concentrated and biodegradable products from has these ideals:

Safe Clean
We believe home should be the safest place in the whole world.
Powerful Clean
We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice powerful convictions for powerful cleaners and vice versa.
Green Clean
We believe cleaning house shouldn’t involve dirtying the earth.
Smart Clean
We believe in saving you money, while we go about saving the earth.
FIVE Wonderful Ways to Go Green
resourced from from our company monthly email

It doesn’t surprise me that a company that is committed to doing its part to foster health on this planet can report these tangible differences made just this last year thanks to the thousands who switched to green clean.
10,230,732 pounds of packaging waste was kept out of landfills
23, 492, 792 pounds of greenhouse gas was eliminated.

WOW! This fills my greenness heart.

Here are just FIVE small steps that they recommend that can help make a difference for our planet:
Conventional Cleaning products can contain questionable chemicals in them. Why not choose a healthier alternative? Our products are sustainably sourced from natural sources, using activated enzymes and cleaning agents that biodegrade. Simply switching keeps toxins away from your family. Want a clean switch ? We can help.

It’s about getting the kit. The kit offers you an opportunity to go non-toxic all the way. Everything you need to wipe the toxic slate clean in your home and office is in the kit. With our 100% guarantee, you have nothing to lose, but a lot of dirt and a lot of toxins !!
Use the disherwasher. I didn’t know this statistic. The EPA says that an energy effecient dishwasher uses only 4 gallons of water per cycle compared to that of handwashing, as well as saves $40 in energy costs and 230 hours of washing time.
Our dishwasher concentrate was the very first phosphate free automatic detergents ever made. Phosphates are a major source of water pollution
Stop using anti-bacterial soap. I never believed in that stuff myself, however I didn’t know that Triclosan, a very common ingrediant in those types of products, ends up in our water source and is acutely and chronically toxic to aquatic life. Not to mention a host of other horrific concerns. Click the link – scary information.

If you create antibiotic resistant bacteria you actually weaken the use of currently useful antibiotics. Additionally you don’t get any additional illness protection from something anti-bacterial, when a good soap and water wash provides all the prevention you need.

A medical docter once shared – All soaps are antiviral and antibacterial. Soaps break the surface tension on the “bugs” and kills most of them. Specific antibacterial soaps are used mostly by the medical profession—they do contain chemicals that kill bacteria and bacteria can become resistant to these soaps. In my hospital we have four different scrub soaps. We are encouraged to rotate soaps each time we scrub to help prevent bacterial resistance.
Our remarkable plant sourced hand wash product is completely soap free, ph balanced, hypoallergenic and its surfactants are biodegradable. Not to mention anti-bacterial free.
Bring your own bag. I find this one a no brainer. Thousands of years to decompose plastic ? Forget that. Get a reusable bag that means something to you and spread the word about a company that walks it’s talk, if you have something to share don’t keep it a secret.(you can’t beat the price of these either – 6 of them for like $9!)
If your going to spend, choose to spend with a socially responsible company. Your consumer dollars are the power that foster more environmentally responsible actions and products.

Can you can name a company that introduced a cleaning product before the word biodegradable hit the dictionary ?

Additionally our company was the very first in the entire world ever to obtain climate neutral certification and totally offset it’s greenhouse gas emmissions.

That commitment still stands.
It’s what we do.

natures monet in spring flickr image credit

How do you celebrate Earth Day?
If you’re not cleaning green – what’s stopping you?

karen hanrahan | wellness educator and consultant | writer
nutrition ~ green clean ~ inch loss ~ anti-aging

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