Green – wow – sure is a popular topic , have you noticed that  “everyone”  is all of a sudden, profiting, touting or advocating their almighty green-ness? I hope I don’t sound pompous – I certainly am glad that the wave is catching on.

Earth Day is not necessarily the time to buy green. In my opinion, earth day is the time to see how your doing in that green thing. Reflecting greenly.

Our feverish planet badly needs a cure. Climate Change is caused by lots of things, and it will take a lot of people to fix it. There’s a role for big thinkers, power players, those with deep pockets —-and the rest of us.” Time Magazine’s 2007 global warming issue.

I feel like I am part of the “rest of us” category. I follow my basic reduce-reuse-recycle etiquette. I make conscientious choices all the time. I use cloth rags and wash them instead of using paper towels, I use cloth napkins every single day, I never did read the Sunday paper, so why get it only to add more to recycling? I have an almost virtual, paperless office. I reduced my file cabinets by 50%! I walk instead of drive. I reuse my paper grocery bags. I wash full loads of laundry in cold water. I turn off my lights. I do many of the things that are being touted in all the press right now as the things to do this month, our Earth Day Month. I do these things everyday and have done them for many years. I believe strongly in these choices.

How about you? What category are you?

One particular pioneer of a man spoke to my sense of personal and earthly sensibilities and said “one household at a time – we can make a difference!” He created the green power I use in my home today to clean. Discovering alternative cleaning products that actually worked was like discovering a non-toxic gold mine!!

He invented the most remarkable and official Earth Day product ever; a highly concentrated, non-toxic, all plant based, extremely effective all purpose 1001 use cleaning product.  He did this before the word biodegradable was even in the dictionary!

He did this in 1960, for gosh sakes! Why would he do such a thing? Why in the era of spam, frozen dinners and velveeta cheese was he looking to the earth and nature? I believe he did it simply because he had vision, understood the pending issues and I mostly I believe he created it because he cared.

The company  recently completely reformulated the already perfect all purpose cleaner. I thought why mess with something so great? Yet he said, “Science never ever stands still”.

The new formulation is even better! Better then it already was !!! I could hardly imagine it.

Here is a little more about what this company believes:

Safe Clean
We believe home should be the safest place in the whole world.

Powerful Clean
We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice powerful convictions for powerful cleaners and vice versa.

Green Clean
We believe cleaning house shouldn’t involve dirtying the earth.

Smart Clean
We believe in saving you money, while we go about saving the earth.

So how about we get that “green” clean feeling together ?

photograph from montanaraven from flickr — mother earth thanks you

Karen Hanrahan ~ Wellness Educator/Nutritional Consultant/Blog Author
Nutrition Weight Loss, and Green Clean

If you’re not cleaning green – what’s stopping you? Could you celebrate Earth Day everyday?

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