Organic Labels Are Evolving

a word about organic labels
the process is evolving

The market is inundated with illegally labeled products making false claims says Cindy Latham our VP of Marketing.

A number of competitors use the “organic” term on labeling, but that does not necessarily mean the product is organic or even uses a high percentage of organic ingredients.

When marketing our new baby skin care products, our company stands behind the fact that they are made with real, certified organic ingredients and processed in facilities authorized to produce certified organic products. We are proud of this achievement and publish the amount of organic ingredients in each an every  product for all the world to see.

You won’t find this information on the majority of competitors’ packaging, if at all.

Examples Nature’s Gate Organics and Burt’s Bees, lotion, wash, and rash products have less than 10% organic ingredients, which means more than 90% of the ingredients are not organic!  Burt’s Bees claims a high percentage of “natural” ingredients, but no certified organic ingredients.

Certified organic ingredients are from organic farms, organic handling facilities, and other facilities that have been certified under the United States Department of Agriculture’s Nationa Organic Program, which guaruntees that the certified ingrendient is grown and handled without peteroleum-based or sewage-sludge-based fertilizers,most conventional pesticides, irradiation, genetic modification (GMO) or sourced from GMO plants, or other restricted substances ( source: baby personal care product FAQ)

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