What is Phenol?

Phenol is an extremely caustic chemical that burns the skin. Absorption of phenol through the lungs or skin can cause: central nervous system damage, pneumonia, respiratory tract infection, heart-rate irregularities, skin irritation, kidney and liver damage, numbness, vomiting, and can be fatal

Phenol is a very common chemical and is regularly found in the following common products: air fresheners, aftershave, bronchial mists, chloroseptic throat spray, deodorants, feminine powders & sprays, hair spray, decongestants, mouthwash, aspirin, solvents, acne medications, antiseptics, calamine lotions, cleaning products, detergents, furniture polish, hair setting lotions, lice shampoo, polishes, cold capsules, all-purpose cleaners, aerosol disinfectants, anti-itching lotions , carnex , cosmetics, disinfectant cleaners, hand lotions, lip balms, sunscreen and lotions, insecticides, cough syrups, just to name a few…

sourced from Toxic Household Chemical Facts And Statistics

deoderant flickr image credit

Your personal care products do not need phenol in them.

You can choose products that are NOT harmful to bath and pamper your children with.

Always Safe, Always Gentle, Always Healthy

Watch this delightful video to learn more

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4 Responses to What is Phenol?

  1. Catherine D. Mushaw says:

    My name is cathy. I live in a mobile home. I have been trying to change the sheet rock to moldand moisture resistant. In the winter my roof leaked after I had a Shabby contractor put on a new roof. I should say that I never had a breathing problem for the ten years that I lived here until, the roof leaked. Now I am on symbcort twice a day singular at night, and an albuterol inhaler, and a neublizer. I also use a sleep apenea machine. I now have sores inside my nose from using the nasal canual. When I first got sick, I thought it was the Sleep Apenea machine because I never use to use it. But from being not able to breathe I now use it all the time and Iam just getting worse. Also, I am using the medications and inhalers and with the inhalers you have to rinse your mouth out with something or you will get thrush, so I have been using mouthwash.

    I have a friend who has a machine that reads your body. It is actually a computer that has some type of electrodes that are placed on your ankles, wrists, and around your forehead. I had this reading done yesterday and the very first word that came up was PHENOL. I really do not now what to do right now for my health.

  2. chy wolford says:

    I tryed to find what is in Phenol but i can’t

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