Premenstrual Syndrome

In the month of May I want to address as many women’s health issues as I possible can…

When this Mother Earth was a young girl becoming a woman was a bit of a wow.

The joke for my parents was the note I left under my mother’s pillow ” I desperately need a bra ” ( Couldn’t they see that? ) When I got my trainer bra I proceeded to sortof bust ( excuse the pun ) right out it it! My mom exclaimed, “where the heck did those come from?”

Compared to most of my high school girlfriends the only drama I had in relationship to getting my period was the one my mother created when I didn’t rinse out my underpants.  I never had all the pain and suffering my friends had. Thus premenstrual syndrome just wasn’t part of what I knew. In HS, I had a normal cycle, normal period,  no concerns. Tons of my friends lost days from school, took drugs, had flow issues, slept with heating pads, and were on the pill to help regulate.

Until my senior year.

Symptoms of PMS: 

weight gain
tender breasts
mild to severe cramping
lower back pain
moderate to severe food cravings – usually in the form of chocolate and salt
periods longer than 3 days
heavy bleeding

My senior year in high school was intense for about six million reasons. Whatever the reasons were I was stressed and it showed up physically. As I continued to be stressed, to eat poorly and to start life out on my own, my symptoms increased.

I was nutritionally deficient.  Severely.

Stress pulls nutrients from the body. One nutrient in particular,  B Complex regulates hormones, contributes to the brain, helps convert food to energy.

In my child bearing years I had horrific first tri-mesters. With what I know now I can’t help but wonder if all those years of nutrient depletion contributed to that.

When trying to conceive my second child I began to read about ovulation. I began to notice a very specific pattern in the way I felt after I ovulated. The pattern was so specific it was rather frightening. It’s not something I ever talked about with my mom or my sisters OR my friends. We didn’t have the internet to discover that tons of woman had these symptoms too.  I never felt I could ask my friends hey do want to cry all the time? I felt like a freak.

After I ovulated, or two weeks after my last period stopped, I’d get tender very full breasts – I’d have to wear a completely different bra. I’d get indescribable lower back pain, I’d start to gain weight – I’d fluctuate up to 10 lbs,  I’d get so moody and weepy. Just about anything would make me cry. I found my ability to cope limited.  This was often more than I could bare – I at times felt deep despair. I’d start cramping about three days before getting my period and then once it began I’d cramp severely and bleed heavily for about seven days. This pattern was worse after the birth of my first child.  I thought this was the way it was supposed to be – the woes of being female. We all go through this, don’t we? I had heard others complain so I thought to myself – I am just like them.  It’s normal to be so miserable. I at one point remember asking my husband if during these times – during the especially weepy emotional times if he could just be nice to me – I actually begged him.  This was not a particularly good time in our marriage.

In addition to this I had blood sugar issues. I had a horrible habit of skipping breakfast. I ate junk. I’d wake each and every morning trembling – I’d eat, only to get a headache – start trembling again a few hours later.  More headaches.

This Mother Earth was a mess.

By the time I had gotten through my second pregnancy, there was nothing left of me – I gave birth to every healthy living cell.

Several years followed. I was a stay at home mom with two kids. My marriage issues intensified. Stress and fear ruled my universe.

I got scared. I began to shift my focus – I wanted my life to be more positive. I began to investigate healthy living, I started Jazzercising – I started to learn about food choices – I began to question things.  A  very wonderful person encouraged and introduced me to supplementation

She asked me to take 2 high quality multi – vitamins, 3 B Complex and a Soy Protein smoothie each morning. While I purchased these three items I heard like heck about it from my husband. He said, you bought what?? I felt undeserving, he was a skeptic. I wasn’t sure this would help me but I wanted to believe her.  I wanted to feel different.  I only took 1/2 of what she recommended. I noticed a little bit more energy and on the days I had a smoothie in the morning. I had no headaches.  She continued to encourage me. I finally took on the protocol she suggested. Four months later ALL my PMS symptoms disappeared.  Everything.  I was a completely different person.

The difference in my health is what precipitated my sharing wellness with others, the more I learned the more I wanted to share. With the income potential I also began to see a way out of my first marriage. Courage and boldness followed.

I have not had PMS symptoms since 1993.  I began menstruating when I was 12 – since 1997 I had PMS symptoms.  16 years!

I have been absolutely free of PMS symptoms now for 15 years!

I am a huge advocate of supplementation for woman.  A simple regime of a Multi-Vitamin, B Complex and Soy Protein could assist your PMS symptoms too.

Perhaps you know of someone who is wondering if their monthly symptoms are normal or who might be questioning their sanity?

It’s so not normal to have PMS symptoms.

More information about B Complex

Research about B Complex

Not all B Vitamins are created equal.

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Karen Hanrahan ~ Wellness Educator/Nutritional Consultant/Blog Publisher
708.482.0678 ~ Websites:
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