Anti-Aging Skin Care

Ask ANY woman you know if they adore their personal skin care regime and you will find that most are rather devoted to their particular brand.

I know this because I sell skin care.

Shifting any woman over takes some pretty hefty selling. 

If I could provide you with 665% increase in skin firmness, 421 % reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and 88% reduction of fine lines would you be interested?

What if the product line is plant and nutrient sourced and NOT tested on animals?

There are MANY reasons use a high quality plant based anti-aging skin care regime.

Mostly your double chins, neck wattles, and age spots will thank you. 

What is Chronological Aging vs Accelerated Aging ?

Chronological Aging is defined as accumulated physical changes normally associated with the passing of time.

·Epidermis thins

·Cell turnover slows down

·Moisture retention decreases

·Loss of pigmentation creates age spots

Accelerated Aging is defined as accumulated damage caused by exposure to environmental pollutants and UV radiation.

·Iron in the tap water creates surface damage

·Free radicals impair cell integrity

·Enzymes triggered by free radicals breakdown collagen

·Sun damaged cells initiate pre cancerous changes in cells

The Decades of your Skin Aging:

Age 20 – 30

Consider your 20’s “the age of prevention” – where lack of good skin care can cause future skin care issues:

·Clogged pores

·Whiteheads/ blackheads

·Squinting and not using moisturizer can contribute to the beginnings of fine lines around the eyes

·Smoking, alcohol, and little sleep can dull the skin

·Serious sunburn sets the stage for skin cancer

Age 30 – 40

This is the decade of laugh lines, crow’s feet and double chins.

·Skin begins to loose it’s firm, supple texture – caused by the breakdown of collagen –

·The sebaceous glands become less active and produces less sebum –

·Poorly lubricated skin may not retain moisture as well – dry skin

·Cell turnover begins to slow down – dulling the complexion

·Brown spots and uneven color blotches appear

Age 40 – 50

·By 50 cell turnover takes twice as long

·Old skin stays on the surface masking natural skin color and radiance – accentuating the bags, sags, and wrinkles created by continued loss of collagen

·Epidermis continues to thin contributing to droopy eyelids and neck wattles.

·Pigment becomes uneven, creating shadows, blotches , dark circles under the eyes and age spots on the face and back of hands.

Age 50 – 60

Your face is mature now

·Your face shows more of it’s angles and hollows, bags form, facial bones shrink, menopause contributes to reduce oil production

·Significant dryness occurs

·Skin becomes thinner and more prone to wrinkling and drooping, more patchiness and uneven skintone

Age 60+

·Poor circulation robs your skin of it’s healthy glow

·Continued thinning and drying skin makes it more prone to irritation.

glow flickr image credit

Karen Hanrahan ~ Wellness Educator/Nutritional Consultant/Blog Author
708.482.0678 ~ Websites:
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