Weight Loss For Woman

Many woman struggle with their weight.

This fall I will celebrate three years on this quality weight loss program

To update you, I am down another size from when this picture was taken in 2008

me – a size 16, the overalls size 24.
Thanks John of Digital Studio Inc for taking this picture

I feel weight loss is like a chemistry project. A big ( no pun intended ) very complicated, individual, unique equation that requires all the variables to be working together.

Some of the variables include:

Foods – do you eat for taste or for nutrition?
Fiber – are you getting enough?
Fluids – many of us have replaced water with soda or coffee – what do you drink ?
Function – are we stressed, do all our body systems work well ?
Fitness – we movin it ? daily ?
Finesse – do we have the gumption to have healthy eating be a life long lifestyle ?
Fight – willpower is part of the plan – what are you willing to let go of ?

I believe each of us have intent to lose weight but don’t combine ALL the variables.

When all the pieces aren’t in place, that intention as well as any results get deflated pretty darn fast.

I was completely apathetic to my weight. I had given up. I was fat.  I had decided to accept fatness as my fate and call it a day.

I needed more than help, I needed hope.

Two weeks on these safe and natural weight loss products gave me the tools I needed to lose weight and the hope.

Simply – on this program I felt good, I began to see results and I felt I could move forward.

I believed.

Here it is years later and not only am I maintaining my weight loss, I still feel really wonderful.

Below are a few weight loss posts that I hope will help you understand my journey as well as the products that helped me with my big complicated weight loss chemistry project:

Change the World: One Pound at a Time

Weight Loss and Detoxification

Twas the Diet After New Years

Inch Loss Weight Loss Program

Green,Red and White Energy Tea

By the way you can lose weight too! Please let me know if I can be of assistance

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1 Response to Weight Loss For Woman

  1. Kara Sherma says:

    Its is really unbelievable…the amount of weight you could loose in quick time is awesome.

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