Why Should We Take Care Of Our Face?

Why Take Care Of Your Face? Because You Are Beautiful!

Use Plant Based Nutrient Rich Anti-Aging Skin Care

Why Cleanse?
To remove dirt without stripping precious natural oils

Why use Cleansing Masks?
Occasional deep cleansing – goes beyond the surface layers

Why Refine or Polish?
To remove surface dead skin cells

Why Tone?
To pick up traces of cleanser left behind, to prepare for treatment or moisture, turn off iron in the tap water

Why Treat your skin?
To encourages cell turnover, to brighten dark circles and spots, to minimize lines and wrinkles, to recaptures firmness and softness , to protect the skin from photoaging.

Why Moisturize?
To quench your skins thirst for moisture, minimize fine lines and wrinkles

Look for these healthy features in your product purchases:

•Water free
•Products specifically designed for the eye area
•Plant based products
•Oil free
•Soap free
•Dermatology tested
•Won’t clog pores
•Not tested on animals
•No animal derived ingredients

Avoid these ingredients in your product purchases:

•Animal derived ingredients/testing
•Avobenzone – preservative found in sunscreens that decomposes when exposed to UV light
•Oils – mineral and vegetable – moisture sealants – block skins natural oils
•No soap – high alkaline – often animal derived
•No isopropyl palmitate – guaranteed to induce black heads
•No propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, or sodium laureth sulfate – these ingredients are questionable –   carcinogenic
•No dyes – not necessary in any product – can irritate skin
•No DEA – common foaming agent – currently under investigation by the NTP (National Toxicology Program)
•Fragrances other than those that are hypoallergenic

Finally, This was me, I developed systemic candida and severe allergies to fragrances – I believe the preservatives listed below were part of what contributed to my ill health

•No imidazolidinyl urea, diazolidinyl urea, quartnium 15 – common preservatives that “out gas” releasing formaldehyde – sensitivity to formaldehyde is on the rise – may provoke auto immune response

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One Response to Why Should We Take Care Of Our Face?

  1. We should take care of our face simply because it is what we take front unto others. It’s the very first thing other people see in us and we are usually judge by others through it. Anyway, thanks for the tips you’ve shared. I must say that it is really helpful.

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