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Menopause: The Natural Way

Menopause:: The Natural Way For women who are more comfortable using natural alternatives to estrogen replacement therapy, the following nutrients have been reported to be helpful for a women’s reproductive system in general, and to delay and reduce menopausal symptoms … Continue reading

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From The Garden Of Best Of Mother Earth

taken yesterday in best of mother earth’s garden

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Green Moms Carnival Write About Gardening

This post is an entry for this month’s Green Mom’s Carnival. The topic is Gardening. This Mother Earth’s green thumb is more a beautiful shade of brown. My outdoor gardens over the years have usually been meager attempts at live vegetation. … Continue reading

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Synthetic Prenatal Vitamins

Posts this week are about high quality nutritional supplementation and pregnancy. My heart always goes kerplunk when a pregnant woman chooses the prenatals her doctor recommends versus the high quality nutritional supplement we offer instead. Some tell me that they choose what their … Continue reading

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Fish Oil And Pregnancy

Omega-3’s are hugely important for baby’s brain and visual development. Supplementing EPA/DHA is necessary since dietary sources are limited . 95% of Americans are deficient. Wow. Breast-fed babies of mothers who supplemented with Omega-3’s, years later,scored higher on standardized tests of … Continue reading

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Folic Acid And Pregnancy

Below is an article written by Dr Steve Chaney, who is a high level sales leader in our field, remarkable published researcher and professor in the department of biochemistry and biophysics at the University of North Carolina’s Medical School. I … Continue reading

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Expecting A Baby? Take Your Vitamins!

Everyone knows that caloric intake rises while pregnant.  Our nutritional needs rise enormously too. It’s common sense to increase ones consumption of fruits and vegetables, choose low-fat, high quality sources of protein such as chicken, fish, beans and legumes. It is also … Continue reading

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