The Belly Button Series

When my daughter was born she nursed fast and furiously. It was as if she had places to go — people to see. She was a child who wanted to do absolutely everything. Fearless. Precocious.Talented. Utterly Joyful.

Turns out my daughter is a very passionate and confident performer. Poise, grace, charm, humorous and dramatic are just a few of the words I’d use to describe her

She plans to dive into acting studies this upcoming fall.

Recent weeks have been full of performances, recitals, awards and remembrances – all of which have found me bursting with joy and pride.  One performance was a dance for the baccalaureate ceremony.  Since she’s only officially studied dance in gym class the experience was utterly unexpected

My daughter enrolled the entire audience in a whimsical, animated, playful and remarkably joyful series of movements. Her face in particular shared with all of us, hey I’m totally having fun here…It had me weep it was so positively joyful

The dance reminded me of how she still is able to be expressed and true to her inner child

Man oh man what an example she is

When she did these drawings below, between the ages of three and five, her teacher pulled me aside.  She said not all students do belly buttons, fingers for hands, eyebrows or acknowledge that the body has a top and bottom. She emphatically stated – SAVE THESE  — they are positively precious. I did save them, along with many
( probably way too many ) other what I view as absolutely precious creative expressions.

These however are especially precious because they are her in every way


Happy High School Graduation —  my dear daughter!! Love, Mama

drawings by kate

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