Surgery Update

Spending my morning at Stroger today — Thought you’d appreciate an update

Surgery January 2009 – Ulna Shortening – Second of Three Casts

Therapeutic – Putty Thumbs Up July 2009

Progress is incremental, methodical, sometimes painful and frustrating.  I lack hand strength, and still swell alot. I think the swelling is what bugs me the most.  My rehabilitation is self guided. Proudly I haven’t missed a session. I’m determined to get full use of my hand.

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2 Responses to Surgery Update

  1. ann tapley says:

    Ive had a ulna shortening, 7weeks ago, still quite painfull plus arthritis doesnt help in my elbow, trying to carry on physio, would like to hear more on others who have had this surgery.

    • I am celebrating two years now since mine. I am very happy with the results. I wasn’t pain free for at least 6 months. If not longer. 4 casts, and quite a bit of PT. I feel the weather a bit this year. Not sure if it’s the hardware or what! Good Luck with your recovery Ann.

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