Funnel Cake Karma

This is a slice of life story that reminds me that moments between mother and child are fleeting, especially as they become teenagers.  

She didn’t have to tell me this story, but she did.

My daughter went with friends to the local fireworks. She was a little late and when she arrived she found that her pals had just devoured a funnel cake.

Mmmmmmmmm funnel cakes.

Funnel Cakes in my mind are the biggest yummiest rip off known to carnival mankind. Deep fried sweet dough dipped in more powdered sugar goodness. Totally delicious fat and sugar insanity.  The price for this sick treasure was a whopping $5.
Excuse me?

My daughter had 2.65

Once you know my lovely daughter’s determination you would have witnessed the gears inside her ingenious youthful mind trying to figure out ways “to mooch the money I need” to get herself one of those funnel cakes.

Somehow she does exactly that

Off she then goes on an adventure to buy one of these disgusting treats.  Unfortunately she encounters the never ending funnel cake line. Obviously the facilitators of this fireworks extravaganza did not know how to meet the needs of this particular community re: funnel cakes.

My daughter made an executive ( hi I am a teenager) decision and cut in the front of the line, knowing this  probably wasn’t the best thing to do, she did it anyway – determined and all.

A grown woman approached her with a look of utter desperation and equal determination to get herself one of those greasy sugary things.

She negotiated with my daughter ” If you buy me mine – I’ll treat you to yours AND a lemonade!!” 

My daughter told me it was Funnel Cake Karma.


May the 4th of July Carnival Karma be with you.

funnel cake flickr image credit

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