Why Food Matters

The topic for this months Green Moms Carnival is food matters hosted by our Alline Anderson of A Passion for Green Business.

Awesome choice for a topic by the way.

Please don’t call me a geek, but I believe in the food guide pyramid.  I also believe in three square meals a day.  I believe in vegetables and fruits.  I believe in whole grains, meat and dairy.  I also believe in soy, seeds, legumes and eating raw. It’s called variety and nature provides us with an abundance of it

I believe food is a gift of nature.

I believe in clean food.  Simple food grown locally, without chemicals.  I believe in the seasons. Eating seasonally

I marvel at where food comes from. Seeds planted and nourished.  The sun, the sky, rain, winds and kumbaya. I know.  Kooky.

Food. I believe in whole food goodness.

I also believe that my beliefs are hard to achieve on a daily basis for most people. Eating for health is idealistic, surreal perhaps and when one shops at the local grocery store …eating what matters….healthy foods, is darn confusing and challenging.

By design,  McDonald’s hamburgers have not found there way to the food guide pyramid. Somehow folks eat this stuff daily.  Starbucks, while intoxicating.  Think about it.

I don’t want to judge anyone’s affection for certain food concoctions. I too have my weaknesses, my addictions and my challenges when it comes to food

I adore chocolate, cheese and certain fast foods, like french fries, which have this sick allure that I find myself drawn too. A road trip includes an iced soy decaf latte.

I feel the same about cherries, asparagus and breads with seeds in them. I adore spinach.  I love parsley. Radishes just rock my world

Which might be healthier for us?

I feel the point is often missed

We eat food to fuel our cells.  Period. Our cells, those minuscule amazing things that make us human, alive and well need nourishment. Daily. All day. Quality fuel. Quality cells.

This isn’t rocket science.

If our cells could talk, they’d be screaming at us…HEY, they’d say…could you eat a little Vitamin C here??  I’m bombarded with environmental toxins from that good for you walk you just took.– while your at it send a little zinc too,  will ya???

I wish they taught the marvel of the human body in every day classrooms. Biochemistry food 101. The amazing thing we call our digestive system. Our immunity.  The way we manufacture energy. The way we heal.  I marvel and am in awe of our body human.

Don’t you???

I wish more people just understood why food matters.

I also wish it was easier.  These days if you want to eat healthier you have to choose carefully, you have to actually prepare meals and in our fast paced grab and go lifestyle…the support to cook and eat clean, three square and healthy just isn’t there.  Not when you are running six million errands or working as a single mom, or when somehow a burger is cheaper than a head of broccoli

Food Matters. Of course it does.

What you believe matters also.

What’s important to you?

If your not eating well, then at least supplement your diet.

That high quality daily multi-vitamin will give that cell that Vitamin C and zinc it’s screaming for !!

oh dear i lost the url for this beautiful radish pic
thank you someone, somewhere on flickr

Karen Hanrahan
Blog Author, expert on nutrition, green advocacy and musings about bits of life on the side.

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21 Responses to Why Food Matters

  1. I adore bread with seeds in it too. I’ve become reacquainted with my bread maker and make lots of nice dark breads. When paired with my husband’s 15 bean soap the combination is so good it makes my eyes roll back into my head.

  2. Beth Terry says:

    Hi Karen. So interesting that you bring up food addictions. I was just listening to an interview with David Kessler about his new book, “The End of Overeating” and actually starting to cry just a little bit. In a way it’s a relief not to feel that my food addictions are my fault. On the other hand, it totally pisses me off that so much of the food industry is targeted at exploiting our human weaknesses and triggering us to eat more and more of the foods that make us sick.Maybe if I get mad enough, I’ll stop craving fries and start desiring spinach. Or is that magical thinking?

  3. Karen Hanrahan says:

    I have never experimented with a bread machine – I’ll have to give one a try!  I’m a bean soup gal too!

  4. Karen Hanrahan says:

    I have worked enough with weight loss clients to cry right with you…I’ve always wondered if there should be a drive -thru hot lines and fast food anonymous meetings – the truth is so many don’t even realize that they are victims of their overeating or the addictions created by the food giantsi say eat spinach — lots of it and find out. I crave it too!! .

  5. I agree! Food rules my whole world. If I don’t eat well, then I don’t feel well. Not feeling well impacts your work, play and family. We try to stick to just whole foods around our house. Great post!

  6. Karen Hanrahan says:

    Love the eat well feel well comment — it’s so true! So many folks haven’t felt well their entire lives!

  7. Paul Nathan says:

    I believe you bro, you are absolutely true, now a days people are gone crazieeeeeee, can you believe they are going to Fast food centre everyday and eating up alllll those nonsense stuff’s everyday, i m not condemning those foods, yes they are good for health if eaten up once in a week, but consumption of junk foods everyday is kinda of maniac that is spreading mostly in child now a days i would say and at last it results to obesityWe have to change our habbit and move more towards chemical free farming and green-vegetable diet

  8. Karen Hanrahan says:


  9. Lisa says:

    What a beautiful post. Now if those cookies could just stop calling to me with all their organic chocolate goodness lol.

  10. Karen Hanrahan says:

    why thank you lisa …one might consider that cravings for chocolate, and salt and, and and are actually a B Complex deficiency … I  know, nothing beats a cookie – especially one with organic chocolate goodness …

  11. Anna says:

    You are what you eat which is so true today. Nothing is more amazing than just picked vegetables and fruits. I just wish my kids like veggies as much as do.I did not know that craving chocolate and salt was a B complex deficiency. You learn something every day.

  12. JessTrev says:

    “I wish they taught the marvel of the human body in every day classrooms. Biochemistry food 101.” Girl! I want to take that class…instead I got home ec where they taught me a balanced meal was fried chicken, french fries, and an apple pie for dessert! Yegads.

  13. I agree 100% with you. I keep trying to explain to people that while eating is an undeniably pleasurable experience and should be enjoyed, the very first priority in eating is to fuel our bodies. A friend of mine does a demonstration for elementary school kids. He took a McDonalds hamburger and just left it on the dash of his car. For more than a month. It never grew any mold. It has so little nutritional value that even mold will not live on it. And that is what most people live on.Eating clean and well does take some effort but when you think about it, what is more important, the chore you are working on or the one and only body you will ever get? I for one choose to take the time to care about what goes towards fueling me.

  14. Radishes, really? I am impressed. And my cells definitely call out for my better choices. Thanks for your post!Katy http://www.non-toxickids.net

  15. Karen Hanrahan says:

    I like to say that I was born b complex deficient, a nutrient that altered my very being once I started taking it – including those cravings.  I feel kids respond well to choices. We eat veggies every day – when my kids were little they picked which three.  It wasn’t optional to skip a day. Seemingly this lesson has stayed with them as they both enjoy a variety of vegetables daily!

  16. Karen Hanrahan says:

    Isn’t it the truth Jess??  A combination of hospital and retirement community food. Where is the nutrition in that ?

  17. Karen Hanrahan says:

     Nice that you are taking such great care of you!

  18. Karen Hanrahan says:

    You’re very welcome Katy

  19. Hi, you write expertly on any topic Karen! Where do you get these ideas… I enjoyed this article too much, great information about food. Nice share

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