On one day I closed on my new house.

The very next day the largest rental truck one could get was loaded. I hired loaders. We did all the packing ourselves.  I’ll be damned if we didn’t fill that entire HUGE truck, plus a spare pick up and two cars.

The following day we all caravaned two hours south west to my NEW house. I hired unloaders.

They were a husband wife moving team who brought their three kids and a dog.  A “family” business.

My friend said – this worries me.

It got done. Slowly.  A bit ineptly. But it all got done.

That was ALL one week ago.

I wish I could say the event went without a hitch.  It didn’t. Lots of chaos and craziness.  Everything took longer than expected. Some things got scratched, nicked and damaged. Two glass items got broken.  Amazing actually when one considers that we are not professional packers.

Enough money went flying out of my checking account to have my bank call me and say hey there’s some unusual activity going on here.

No Kidding. 

Friends stopped by, helped and hugged.  Gotta love that!
Today I am pleased to say I am down to about two dozen or so boxes left to unpack. 

Each day, one stack of boxes at a time, one room or area at a time.

Holy Smokes.

I marvel at how much stuff there is.

Seriously where does it all come from?

I additionally marvel at  how many decisions must be made.

I am really, REALLY sick of making decisions. 

I think that  must be the single hardest part of moving. Which box should this go in, what should I give away, where the heck should this go?? When is garbage day? Where do we go grocery shopping?

I will say this.   I love it here.  I can’t believe how much I love it.  I am of course thrilled by that.

I also have to say that if you knew the adjusted gross income on my  last years tax return you’d say – how the heck did this girl buy a house?

I just did. 

( grin )

Karen Hanrahan aka Best of Mother Earth
relocated somewhere in IL
working virtually all the time

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5 Responses to Moving

  1. Karen J says:

    Oh, Hurray!Big Congratulations on “gettin it done”!It felt pretty “iffy” there, for a while!Your new Chez Hanrahan is darling, and I’m happy to hear that you’re settling in well.The forced-decision-making DOES ease up, after a while – like, when the boxes are flat again! Then you can start to *play* with where things are.Big Hugs (((((%)))))and Bright Blessings ~ Karen J.

  2. Karen Hanrahan says:

    Thank you so much Karen! it really was iffy – wasn’t it ?? I have enjoyed the playing house and setting things up.  Despite all the decisions needed!

  3. GAW! I know your decision making pain with moving. I’m getting ready to do the same. Selling and buying, packing, and hooking up utilities. Not to mention just finding a new dentist!

  4. Karen Hanrahan says:

    I Know!!!  Good Luck with your move!!

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