My NEW Green Mattress

One of my freelance writing clients handcrafts mattresses. It’s really very cool how he distinquishes himself in the marketplace.  Each mattress is made individually to order.

I affectionately call Tim – the owner of Quality Sleep Shop, Mr. Bedhead, as he carries that tossled just woke up look about him very well.  

Recently he added natural latex mattresses to his line of products. 

I went with Tim and his family to the Green Festival in Chicago.  We shot some video for promotion purposes. During the video I asked him how can one manage a latex allergy. 

Mr. Bedhead had me trial a piece of Talalay processed latex  for three nights wrapped on my wrist.  Good news – absolutely No reaction!! 

I asked Tim if  he’d be open to bartering my writing  for a new organic latex mattress

He agreed!!  ( Can you imagine how pleased I was that he said yes!)

The very last item loaded ( more like squished!) onto my moving truck was this new organic handcrafted masterpiece. 

photo taken by karen

I can’t tell you how deliciously rested I’ve been. The mattress one sleeps on really does make a difference!  

The traditional mattress I was sleeping on before — I bought in 1995 — had totally seen better days.

What a great way to start off in my new home! Thank You Mr. Bedhead!!

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