Why Take Echinacea For Seasonal Allergies Or The Flu?

One of my absolutely favorite herbal nutritional products is Echinacea. 

Taken intermittently in times of stress, changes in weather temperature or when exposed to something germy. 

( Like travel or exposure in your child’s kindergarten class or family gatherings. )

I feel it gives my body the bit of kick it needs to fight that stuff off. 

Our superb Echinacea product additionally has black elderberry, larch tree and zinc in it.

This herbal multiplicity supercharges the immune system giving you the maximum cold and or flu fighting power.

If you have these symptoms or concerns Echinacea can help:

Colds and Flu
Sore Throat and Cough
Swollen Glands
Wounds and Ulcers
Bacterial Infection
Viral Infection
Boils and Skin Eruptions ie: poison ivy

Look for these benefits when taking Echinacea:  

Stimulates the body’s natural resistance
Pumps up the immune response
promotes production of white blood cells
stops viruses from duplicating
anti-cancer properties
attacks foreign invaders

Our high quality safe and effective herbal product can be swallowed, crushed, made into a soothing tea or sucked on for relief of a sore throat, without comprimising the benefits of the herb

Echinacea should not be taken daily.  Children 4 years or older can also benefit from this product.

Not all herbal products have standardized extracts. We do, giving you consistent beneficial dosages each and every time

the above was sourced from nutrition and you

Are you ready for Cold and Flu Season? Stock your natural medicine cabinet now!

echinacea – purple coneflowers flickr image

K a r e n     H a n r a h a n
Wellness Educator/Nutritional Consultant
Mentoring YOU to Health Success

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